WEvolve Box: A Pleasant Surprise

Here at One Mind Dharma, we love connecting with like-minded individuals. We recently connected with a wonderful woman named Lalania who runs an organization called WEvolve Box. Lalania has been super friendly and we’re grateful to have connected. First, let me say that if you order something from WEvolve, we receive no compensation financially or otherwise. Well, we do receive the good feeling of knowing we get to work together with and support them, but that’s all. The world is full of competition, and we seek to collaborate with others and support each other rather than compete. When we find somebody doing something that we believe in or relate to, we like to support their work. You can see this on our social media pages, as we’re often posting things from other organizations we know and love. One Mind Dharma doesn’t take any financial contribution for posts like that; we just believe in the power of working together.

IMG_3986We signed up to receive a WEvolve Box, which comes every other month to us now. We received our first one a bit ago, but we have been out of town on our honeymoon! It was pretty exciting to receive the box, not knowing exactly what we were getting (other than knowing we are able to support Lalania and her work). The box looked, smelled, and felt wonderful immediately upon opening it. Inside were quite a few items that we are happy to say we utilize. There was a beautiful singing bowl with striker and cushion, a set of Tibetan prayer flags, Green Tara incense, a mala, and a postcard with information about the items. These items are all things that we love, and we couldn’t be happier with the contents. We’ve actually used the singing bowl for a few groups since returning home, we’ve burned the incense, the flags are hanging in my office, and the mala hangs right inside the front door of our house.

I called this post “a pleasant surprise” because there are so many organizations out there, it is often difficult to find ones that we love. WEvolve has been a pleasant surprise for us. We’re super grateful to connect with and support them in their growth. The box is wonderful by itself, and the love and energy put into it is just icing on the cake. The boxes are great for oneself, and make an awesome mindfulness gift for someone else. You can subscribe to receive a box every other month, or do a six month subscription for 3 boxes total. Lalania has even offered $5 off your first box if you use the coupon code DHARMA on checkout. I super suggest visiting her at www.WEvolveBox.com or visiting her social media links below! Lalania also wrote a wonderful book that you should check out called Urban Soul Warrior: Self Mastery in the Midst of the Metropolis.

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