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Mindfulness Gifts

Finding the right gift for someone who meditates can be tough. You want to find something that supports their mindfulness practice and encourages them to continue growing, but it’s not always clear what the right gift is. We’ve compiled this list of our favorite spiritual gifts and ideas. For some of our favorite malas, singing bowls, and gifts, check out www.TheMindfulGifts.com.

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Meditation Cushions

A nice meditation cushion is one of the best meditation gifts we can recommend. We have been gifted zafus and zabutons over the years, and love receiving them. A good cushion is comfortable, durable, and reminds the person you love them every time they sit. We like buckwheat cushions as they are stiff and retain their shape, but some people may prefer kapok or cotton cushions. You can visit our page on our favorite meditation cushions to find some recommendations!

Singing Bowls

A singing bowl likewise is a wonderful gift that the person can actually use in their practice. There are many different kinds of singing bowls, so look around. Some are hand-hammered, while others are machine finished. They come in all different sizes, and are made of different materials often. We like the hand-hammered ones as they tend to create a sound that reverberates better. Check out some singing bowls we love.

Mala Beads

Bone Mala GiftMalas are one of the best gifts for someone who meditates. Mala beads are beautiful, can be utilized in practice, and offer a daily reminder of one’s practice. We of course have malas available in our shop. We also love the malas from Dharma Crafts and Buddha Groove. Often, different stones and materials carry different meanings. You can choose a mala based on the color, meaning, or whatever really jumps out to you as the right mala for a gift!

Coffee and Tea Mugs

Many meditators drink tea and coffee. A cool mug can be a great gift. We drink tea almost every night, and I love relaxing with a mug given to me by a loved one. We have some mugs available on the One Mind Dharma store. Another place to find great mugs to use as gifts is Etsy. You can find a gift that encourages mindfulness, makes the person think of you, or just reminds them that they are loved!

meditation giftMeditation Journal

A mindfulness or meditation journal is a wonderful gift. Matthew, the founding teacher of One Mind Dharma, just released a brand new mindfulness journal you can check out at https://oneminddharma.com/mindfulness-beginners-journal/.  Many people like to write for a few minutes after practicing. And perhaps your loved one doesn’t do this, but would if they had a journal! You can find some cool, eco-friendly journals from BuddhaGroove. You can also find journals on Amazon, like the one to the right. There are tons to pick from, and you can surely find something that feels right! The one to the right may be found here.

Meditation Clothing

You can get a great meditation gift for your friend by finding a piece of clothing they will like. Of course, shopping for clothing for somebody else can be tough. However, if you know your friend’s size, you can really give a wonderful gift. Evolve Fit Wear makes some awesome clothing that lasts and is durable. There are also places like The Ultimate Green Store who make super high-quality, organic, and sustainable clothing. We always love buying from them, knowing that their production process is environmentally friendly!
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Inspirational Statues

Statues make a great mindfulness gift. It can be a statue of the Buddha, Ganesh, or something else inspiring. We have a meditation altar, and put any new statues onto the altar. Others may place theirs near their work space or somewhere to remind them of their intentions to practice. You can check out some of our favorite Buddhist statues, or visit Dharma Crafts and BuddhaGroove for more options!

Mindful Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t only for kids! A mindful coloring book is a perfect gift for someone who meditates. Especially if they like art or have a strong creative side, a coloring book can be a great practice in being present. Like Tibetan monks do with mandalas, we can color and be creative with mindfulness. Many people find this a deeply relaxing activity, and fully supportive of their mindfulness practice.

Books and Magazines

A lot of people who meditate and practice mindfulness read about the practices and teachings. A good book can be the perfect gift, as can a magazine subscription. You can check out our list of Meditation Books for Beginners and The Best Buddhist Books. You can also check out mindfulness-based magazines like Mindful Magazine, Lion’s Roar, and Tricycle.

Mindfulness Art

Finally, mindfulness and meditation art is a great option. Whether it’s a print, a wood carving, or another piece of art for the home, some mindfulness-based pieces can really be perfect. Dharma Crafts and Buddha Groove both have nice pieces! You may also visit Etsy to always find some cool handmade gifts and art.

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