Meditation for Focus

5 Practices for Building Concentration in Meditation

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5 Practices for Building Concentration in Meditation Why Concentration? We try to write posts with the intention of offering something useful to our readers. One topic about which we receive a lot of questions is focus in and out of our practice. Many people come to meditation for focus, hoping to find a way to center the mind, increase productivity, …

Guided Meditation Pain

5 Approaches to Dealing with Pain in Meditation

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Whether you’re a new meditator or have sat many long retreats, you’ve likely experienced some physical pain during meditation practice. Maybe it’s your knees, somewhere in the back, or a chronic condition elsewhere in the body. In our meditation groups with Insight Sonoma, we have quite a few people actually arrive at meditation practice with the hopes of learning to …

About Meditation

Meditation and Your Soul: How Meditation Can Help Bring You Closer To Understanding Yourself and Loving Yourself More

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In a world where we never seem to have a moment to stop, relax and really focus on ourselves, life can become overwhelming at times. Having bad days and weeks has become commonplace, while carrying around feelings of self-doubt can start to become debilitating and hold you back in life. So, how can you stop these feelings from creeping in? …

Facing Death

Being with Death

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“The day my mother died I wrote in my journal, “A serious misfortune of my life has arrived.” I suffered for more than one year after the passing away of my mother. But one night, in the highlands of Vietnam, I was sleeping in the hut in my hermitage. I dreamed of my mother. I saw myself sitting with her, …

Mindfulness Benefits

The Benefits of Meditation for Your Health and Well-being

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Meditation is a mental, emotional, and physical health practice that has been around for centuries if not thousands of years. But what’s the real impact of meditation? There have been several studies conducted that demonstrate the many health and well-being benefits of meditation for the body and mind of the practitioner. In one study, researchers used MRI scans to study …

Observing the Mind and Creating Space

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Mindfulness has become quite the buzz word in recent years, especially in the addiction treatment industry in which we work. Although we do believe it’s greatly beneficial to teach those struggling with addiction some meditation practices, we often see the groups offering some concentration practices and not really diving into different mindfulness practices. One of the places we have seen …

Today Was a Good Day

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Today, I parked my truck on the street, next to a woman who was slumped into a chair on the sidewalk. She wore a vacant stare as she mumbled to herself of death and filled a syringe from a vial. I did not stop to ask if it was heroine or insulin. Next to us, a few folks were completely …

how to meditate header

How to Meditate (for Beginners)

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Interested in meditation? Read our thoughts on how to meditate and start your own daily meditation practice with no experience. We’ll go through learning to meditate, some resources (of ours and elsewhere on the web) for you, and offer a pragmatic bit on how to meditate with some tips and thoughts for you. You may also check out our page …

Body Scan Meditation

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Body scan meditations are a wonderful way to practice, tuning into the natural experience in the body. As a beginner, a body scan meditation can help you settle into present-time experience and begin to investigate the physical body. Resting with the body can provide great insight, ease, and help us in all other practices (including daily life). I often start …