8 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Brain

By October 28, 2017 Mindfulness
how meditation can help your brain (Last Updated On: June 17, 2018)

Meditation doesn’t grant you with a superpower but makes your mind clean and life happy. This is your key to a joyful and fruitful life you’ve been always dreaming about.

Today a modern person needs at least 48 hours per day. It is a necessity to manage everyday healthy homemade food, career, family, sport, meetings with friends, reading and a healthy sleep without a rush. How does meditation help to manage all this within 24 hours? By clearing your mind from disruptive thoughts and helping to obtain the inner peace.  

Value of meditation

Sitting in a quiet place for fifteen minutes without any thoughts in your head is called the art of meditation. Sounds simple? Try it, and in thirty seconds you will notice how many disruptive thoughts you have. They usually appear from nowhere and sound like this: “Am I fully relaxed?”, “I am relaxing! Cool!”, “How do I look?”, “Did I close the front door?”, “What if I doing something wrong and fail?”, “How long have I already been sitting like this?”. These thoughts are dangerous because a person doesn’t notice them. There are a few techniques to get rid of them.

Free your mind

Does meditation help to free your mind? Yes, this is a perfect way to concentrate and free your head from everything. You start to finish your day with a clear mind which is much more productive and efficient than an overloaded one. Everyday practice is perfect for mental health. By starting doing it, people usually can’t imagine life without it because there is no other way to get rid of the messy and violent hurricane of thoughts and emotions in your mind and soul. Most CEO celebrities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, were and are doing it.

Count your breath

How meditation helps to find the life balance? By regulating your deep breathing. The first, most common and simple technique to start the practice is counting you inhales. It is the thing that every Buddhist monk will recommend you to do to find the concentration and the inner peace. Start with ten deep inhales and exhales in a lotus pose. Count them out loud. Once you succeed, start counting them up to ten and then from ten back to one. It is the primary technique, to begin with.

Find your body center

You don’t have to learn or know the plenty of Buddhist notions to understand the main idea. What does meditating do to give you the sense of freedom and happiness? It helps you to find your center where the inner peace is located. Revealing inner peace will grant you with the sense of joy and security. The center of the body is considered to be a point under the belly button. Meditation changes not only your mind but also your body. You start to feel it and listen to its signals. A healthy concentration is a key to healthy thoughts and body.

Relax your muscles

What does meditation do for you? It helps you to feel every single muscle in your body. This is another amazing aftereffect which can only be reached with a constant everyday practice. Feeling and acknowledging your body makes you healthier. You ask how meditation can help me to relax in a lotus pose? It is not the most convenient one. Yes, muscles are working to keep your back and head straight, but all the other muscles of face, arms, hands, legs, stomach, shoulders can be relaxed. Close your eyes and investigate every single muscle with your inner eye to reveal from unnecessary tension.  

Regular practice is a key to regular happiness

After a few days, weeks or month of regular practice you will find your understanding of what is meditation and how to do it to make your busy day more fruitful and less stressful. You can get rid of disruptive thoughts already during the first practice, but take your time if it didn’t happen yet. By experiencing all the benefits of meditation, you will have a chance to experience the art of healthy, happy and level life with maximum productivity. Try it once, and you will never stop doing it.

 Bryan Davis is a psychologist, a freelance writer at https://edubirdie.com/ and Buddhist. He spent five years in Sri Lanka finding the perfect way of adding the practice to everyday busy life. The principles he has recognized are widely used by many business people and by him personally. He believes that it is the only clear mind that helps us to gain all the goals we set and not to dive deep into daily duties.


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Matthew Sockolov is a Buddhist meditation teacher and author. He was empowered to teach meditation by Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and is the founding teacher of One Mind Dharma. His new book, Practicing Mindfulness - 75 Essential Meditations is now available on Amazon.

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