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One Mind Dharma needs your help! After almost 6 years of offering meditations, podcasts, and more, we are no longer able to handle all of the time and energy required to run this. We are asking for your help in keeping everything running smoothly. As two people with full-time jobs, One Mind Dharma has become difficult to maintain. We are asking for your help in supporting the community and keeping OMD alive.

Our goal is to collect enough money to cover our costs to hire an employee in conjunction with the revenue from existing members. We will be downsizing our offerings in an attempt to lower costs to meet what we raise, but our goal is to raise $2,000/month from our community. This is 400 of you pledging $5/month or 200 of you pledging $10/month.


In this moment, One Mind Dharma is not active due to lack of funds. We are still sending our Daily Guided Meditation Emails and our Daily Inspirational Emails, and our shop is still live. However, we do not have the ability right now to update the site, the blog, the app, or any of our podcasts.

Our Offerings

One Mind Dharma has a strong community, with over 500,000 fans on Facebook, 60,000 on Instagram, 75,000 on Twitter, 25,000 email subscribers, and 20,000 podcast subscribers. We offer guided meditations, a free mobile app, multiple podcasts, and more. Our offerings reach hundreds of thousands of users across the world, and have helped many lessen the suffering in their lives.

Our Costs

Running One Mind Dharma is expensive. We built and maintain the website, built and maintain the app, produce all podcasts and meditations, and do almost everything ourselves (shoutout to Natasha, who helps us with social media!). Our costs include app hosting, hosting for all of our meditations, and web hosting. In addition, One Mind Dharma takes quite a bit of time to maintain.

How to Help

We are asking for your help in supporting One Mind Dharma moving forward. We would like to hire somebody to edit our podcast episodes, format emails, fix technical issues, maintain the mobile app, and keep One Mind Dharma running behind the scenes. We’ve done all of these things ourselves since our inception, but it’s time to bring somebody else in. However, we offer quite a bit of our material for free, and hope to continue doing so in line with the Buddha’s teachings on offering these practices out of generosity. With such a large community, we are hoping we can come together and support One Mind Dharma’s offerings. Here are a few ways you can support One Mind Dharma and help keep us afloat!

Monthly Pledge

This is the most helpful way you can support One Mind Dharma. Make a monthly pledge of $1, $5, or $10 to support us. Your money goes toward helping us continue to offer these teachings. Perhaps you have a few dollars a month to spare, and this would make a huge difference in allowing us to hire somebody and continue with our offerings.

Donation Amounts

One-Time Donation

We greatly appreciate any one-time donations you have to offer. Your offering helps us continue our work, and is an act of generosity not to us, but to a larger community of fans, followers, and users. Your donation will be used to pay our hire to keep things running smoothly and take some tasks off our plate so that we are able to continue our work with One Mind Dharma. Any amount you have to donate is deeply appreciated.

Sponsor Our Services

One Mind Dharma reaches quite a few people every week! From the thousands of visitors to our website to our 5,000 subscribers to our meditation podcast, we have many opportunities for you to reach your target audience. Sponsor our Daily Inspirational Emails, Dharma Talk podcast, Guided Meditation podcast, Monthly Newsletter, Facebook page, and more. Just email us at to learn more about our followers, demographics, and engagement.

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