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There are so many Buddha quotes out there, and most of them were not actually said by the Buddha. Gautama Buddha was a man who lived over 2500 years ago in India and taught a path of awakening known as dhamma. You can learn more about the Buddha and his teachings on our page Basic Buddhist Teachings and Spread of Buddhism Map and Timeline.

All of these quotes are actually believe to come from the Buddha. We left out any paraphrasing of his teachings. Note that you may see different translations, as the Buddhist teachings and discourses are in Pali, and different scholars translate the words of the Buddha differently. If you’re interested in the sources, check out some options for reading the Buddha’s teachings yourself at the bottom of this post!

Quotes from the Buddha

quote by the buddha“Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“When watching after yourself, you watch after others. When watching after others, you watch after yourself.”
-The Buddha (Samyutta Nikaya)

“One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Should a person do good, let him do it again and again. Let him find pleasure therein, for blissful is the accumulation of good.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Better it is to live one day seeing the rise and fall of things than to live a hundred years without ever seeing the rise and fall of things.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts, happiness follows them like a never-departing shadow.”
-The Buddha (Sutta Nipata)

“Should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Meditate … do not delay, lest you later regret it.”
-The Buddha (Sallekha Sutta)

dhammapada quote“I will not look at another’s bowl intent on finding fault: a training to be observed.”
-The Buddha (Vinaya)

“All conditioned things are impermanent’ — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Just as a mother would protect her only child with her life, even so let one cultivate a boundless love towards all beings.”
-The Buddha (Karinaya Metta Sutta)

“Conquer anger with non-anger. Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“All experiences are preceded by mind, having mind as their master, created by mind.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Should a seeker not find a companion who is better or equal, let them resolutely pursue a solitary course.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Give, even if you only have a little.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? Tomorrow, death comes.”
-The Buddha (Bhaddekaratta Sutta)

“A disciplined mind brings happiness.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“As an elephant in the battlefield withstands arrows shot from bows all around, even so shall I endure abuse.”
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

We recommend checking out www.FakeBuddhaQuotes.com for more information about Buddha quotes that are inaccurate and how they came to be attributed to the Buddha!

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