(Last Updated On: February 28, 2019)

This episode of our Weekly Guided Meditation podcast is a practice in mindfulness of the body. Rooted in the First Foundation of Mindfulness, this is a practice that helps us build awareness, understanding, and clarity of the body as we see it in the present moment.

The period of meditation begins with a few minutes of breath awareness. Mindfulness of the breath is one aspect of mindfulness of the body, and a great place to start. The breath is always with us, always changing, and serves as a powerful object of awareness.

We then open the attention up quite a bit, tuning into other physical sensations in the body. We rest in a relaxing open awareness of the body practice, noticing what is arising and passing in the body. Without judgement, we simply observe the sensations in the body.

Mindfulness of the body is the first of the Four Establishments of Mindfulness, and a foundational Buddhist meditation practice. We can build insight into the nature of our experience, namely the Three Marks of Existence. It also can be a calming and relaxing practice that helps us change our relationships with our bodies.

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