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We are excited to offer our newest online course, Introduction to Buddhism. The course has hours of video lessons, resources, and more. It’s a great way to dive into the history of Buddhism, basic teachings, and how to integrate meditation into your life. It’s available now for half off!

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Buddhist History

The Buddha was born Siddhartha Gautama in what is now known as Nepal. We believe he was born between 563 and 380 BCE. Raised wealthy, Siddhartha went out on his own at age 29 to investigate a more spiritual life. He investigated many paths before discovering the dharma, or truth. Throughout his remaining years, the Buddha spent his time teaching the Buddhadharma. He taught thousands of monks and nuns before passing.

In the years following the Buddha’s death, the dharma began spreading across Asia. As the dharma traveled across the Indian subcontinent and out to the rest of the world, it met new cultures and traditions. Buddhism evolved, adapted, and began branching into different schools and traditions. Each tradition has roots in the teachings of the Buddha, and offers different perspectives on the path.

Basic Teachings

It’s difficult to break the teachings of the Buddha down into one set of rules or guidelines. Because of the vastness of the Pali Canon, the immense amount of teachings can be broken down into a few foundational concepts. There are teachings on living the monastic life, meditation, mindfulness, ethics, and more. Below you can find a few articles that are helpful in your quest to understand the core Buddhist teachings.


Many beginners to Buddhism will jump right in with meditation. That’s great, as meditation is an important part of the path. However, we encourage you to investigate some of the Buddhist history and other teachings above as well. Meditation is just one aspect of the path.

Articles About Meditation

Types of Meditation
Loving-Kindness Meditation
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Dealing with Monkey Mind
Samatha Meditation
Mindful Eating
Meditation Posture
Mindful Listening
Techniques for Beginners
Moving Meditation
How Long to Meditate
Mindfulness in Daily Life
Practicing at Work

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