21 Days of Heart Practices

21 Days of Heart Practices


Meditation Practices for the Heart

Your heart is capable of more love and kindness than you know.

You can meet the difficulties with patience, the pain with tenderness, and others in your life with deep loving-kindness.

With just 10-20 minutes a day, you can learn to re-train the mind and heart to respond with compassion, gratitude, and care. Each day offers a new practice and talk aimed to help you investigate your own heart-opening through first hand experience.



“These 21 practices have completely helped me open up to new possibilities! I just finished the course, and plan on starting right back over from the beginning. A lot of these concepts and practices just have never felt accessible for me, and I am appreciative of the chance to practice with you.”

-Jonathan H.

How it Works

Every day, you will receive a short lesson and a short meditation directly to your email. You can listen on your own time, go at your own pace, and revisit any lessons or meditations.

The lessons are 5-8 minutes, and are generally related to the day’s meditation practice. The meditations are 6-12 minutes, and will offer an overview of different heart practices and ways to open the heart.

The program is designed in a linear fashion, so lessons build upon previous talks to help deepen your understanding. Most lessons have an “assignment” or practice you can carry with you into your daily life.

The Schedule

Week One

During the first week, we will focus on opening the heart toward ourselves. Practices will center on our relationship we have with our own experience, including the happiness, difficulties, and resentments. Talks will be introductory, offering an outline of the principles and practices.

Week Two

With week two, we will begin investigating how to open the heart toward others in our lives. Through compassion, equanimity, and loving-kindness practice, the work will be around how we relate to others in a kind a loving way. The talks cover how to show up with a loving and open heart during your day, and how we can improve our relationships by showing up fully.

Week Three

During the final week, we will focus on some of the difficulties life has to offer. We will work with difficult people in our lives, and work toward a more patient and kind response. The lessons during the week investigate the difficult emotions you may experience, and how to deal with them with an open heart.

Matthew Sockolov

About Your Teacher

Matthew Sockolov is a meditation teacher who received his empowerment to teach from Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Northern California. First introduced to meditation as a young teenager, he has been teaching mindfulness and meditation in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area for that past five years. He regularly teaches at One Mind Dharma Center, addiction treatment centers in California, and online. He has worked with foster youth programs, taught meditation on corporate retreats in Napa and Sonoma Counties, and co-leads the Community Welcome at Spirit Rock.