Guided Meditation Scripts

Guided Meditation Scripts – Mindfulness, Compassion, and More

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Guided Meditation Scripts

We have been asked repeatedly to provide some guided meditation scripts, and finally got around to doing it! We offer these freely for your use, so feel free to download and print. If you have any questions about reading them or using them, you can always reach out via email to [email protected]. We are here to support your practice in whatever way we are able!

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Meditation and Mindfulness Scripts

One Mind Dharma has created a collection of guided meditation scripts available in PDF form. There are 50 meditations in the collection, with an entire section on guided meditations for children! Check it out below.

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These scripts are relatively dry. They aren’t exactly how I guide my meditations in groups, but I didn’t want to put my voice into them too much. They have been written pretty bare-bones, so feel free to read them in your own voice. One of the things I like to remember when leading meditations is what works for me. If there’s something you’ve found helpful in your own practice, perhaps others will find it helpful!

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How to Use These Meditation Scripts

These scripts were written in response to requests from people who wish to read them at groups or for others. That is, they’re meant to be read aloud. However, you can also read the script for your own practice as well! Each meditation practice contains instructions for starting, periods of pausing, and ending. You are welcome to add in periods of silence how you see fit or adjust to fit the needs of your community.

We’ve created a few here covering some basics of Buddhist meditation, written in a secular format so there is no religion involved. Our hope was that they could be useful to people of all religious and spiritual beliefs. If there’s a script you’d like that is not here, you’re welcome to let us know by emailing us and we will create one, or we can point you in the right direction!

Guided Meditation Collections


Guided Meditation Scripts

Each of the guided meditation scripts below is in PDF format. They may be viewed, downloaded, or printed. If you have any issues opening them or need technical assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Yoga Clothing

Mindfulness Meditation Script

This is a basic mindfulness meditation script working with open awareness. It starts with some focus on the body and opens up to the other sense-doors and a general awareness practice.

Mindfulness Meditation Script

Concentration Practice

This script is a concentration practice using the breath as the object of awareness. It offers instructions for a counting exercise that we often do and have found helpful, and then drops the counting to just be with the breath.

Concentration Practice

Equanimity Meditation

This is an equanimity meditation, the practice of cultivating a heart that is balanced in response to the emotional experience of those around us. The instructions use some phrases that we find helpful in our practice, but feel free to use a different one if it works better for you.

Equanimity Practice

Mudita (Appreciative Joy)

This mudita practice, or appreciative joy, is one in which we cultivate a mind and heart that rejoices in both our own happiness and the happiness of others. It can be a great way to work with jealousy or envy, and is one of the four brahma-viharas.

Appreciative Joy Script

Metta (Loving-kindness) Script

Metta, often translated as loving-kindness, is the practice of wishing well for others. This script offers the traditional practice of offering phrases to different people in our lives with the intention of cultivating a heart that cares for the wellbeing of those around us.

Metta Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

This is a body scan meditation, a wonderful practice in the first foundation of mindfulness.

Body Scan Script

Compassion Practice

Compassion is the practice of cultivating a heart that is present and cares for the suffering in the world. In this meditation script, you’ll work with both yourself and others to build the ability to be with suffering with a wise and kind awareness.

Compassion Practice


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