One Mind Dharma happily accepts guest submissions. Writing for One Mind Dharma is a great way to get your business, blog, or page out there. When your post is accepted and goes live, we will also post about it to over 750,000 followers on social media. We have a few submission guidelines to read before submitting a post or an idea:

  • Posts MUST be between 800 and 2000 words. If you have a longer post, we may separate it into two individual posts.
  • Posts MUST be original. Posts that have been posted elsewhere (including your page) will not be accepted.
  • Posts MUST not be spammy, contain affiliate linking, or try to sell the reader something.
  • Posts should be useful, offering a unique perspective or thought to the reader. Feel free to send us ideas of what you would like to submit below.
  • Post should fit into one of the following general topics, but we are open to any suggestions or thoughts you have to share: Buddhism, mindfulness, meditation, addiction, yoga, mental/psychological wellness.

IMPORTANT: With each post, you are welcome to include a short (five sentences or less) bio of the author. You may include ONE LINK to your site in this section. If you wish to include other outbound links or include links in the content of your article, please ask us about sponsored posts. We do accept posts with external links if the linked pages are specifically about mindfulness, meditation, and dharma. Otherwise, you may consider a sponsored guest post with us.

We also would love an image of you or your business to post with the post! If not, we can fill in some of our own images!

To submit an idea for a post or a post itself to One Mind Dharma, just send it to with the subject line “Guest Posting.”