Week Two

This week we will be working with the practice of forgiveness. We have an introduction to the week below, and we will have a few different practices investigating mindfulness and forgiveness with our partners!

The first practice we will be doing this week is a practice called Out-Loud Vipassana. This is a practice of noting what is going on in our experience, whatever it is. You may have done this privately in your own meditation practice, and this is just another way to investigate the same practice, but with a partner!
This practice is just an audio track, and is an open-eyed forgiveness practice. You may have done a forgiveness meditation silently in your own personal work, and this is similar. You will both ask for forgiveness from and offer forgiveness to your partner.

We’re going to end this week with another cobreathing practice. We’ll sit back-to-back this time. This may be harder or easier for you to feel your partner’s breath, so notice any clinging or aversion that may come up in regards to your experience!

P42w2v4b from One Mind Dharma on Vimeo.

We’ll wrap up the week with a small homework assignment. This is a really beautiful practice that we love ourselves, and we hope you do as well!

P42w2v5a from One Mind Dharma on Vimeo.

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