Week Three

This week we are looking at compassion and mindfulness! We have a few different practices to investigate, and look forward to working together with all of you!

P42w3v1 from One Mind Dharma on Vimeo.

This first practice for the week is a dyad practice of repeated questions! We’ll take a look at our pain together, and be present for it with compassion.
As you may have guessed, this second practice for the week is going to be a partnered compassion practice. Just an audio track, this is a way in which we can investigate compassion with a partner rather than alone silently.

In this final practice fo the week, we will be investigating a little bit of a different practice: the practice of touch. This may seem strange or uncharacteristic of the course thus far, but this has been a valuable tool in our own relationship!

p42w3v3 from One Mind Dharma on Vimeo.

We end with a wrapup here, just offering some thoughts to move forward and a little assignment!

p42w3v4 from One Mind Dharma on Vimeo.

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