Week Four

This week we are going to work together investigating mudita, or appreciative joy. Just as metta becomes compassion when we come into contact with suffering, metta becomes mudita when it comes into contact with joy.
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This first practice is a type of dyad practice. We will start with repeated questions investigating joy, then have an open-ended question. We explain more below!

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This is an audio practice investigating mudita with your partner. Just as we’ve done the past few weeks, we’ll work with tuning into mudita and cultivating appreciation with our partners.

Our final practice this week is a moving practice! We’ll introduce it below, and you can go do it after. If you’re not able to walk for any reason, please don’t worry! This practice may be done in the comfort of your own home as well.

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Here’s the wrapup for this week! We offer some homework and a few final thoughts about mudita and bringing awareness to the joy in our relationships.

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