Singing Bowls

Find your perfect singing bowl below! We have machine-finished bowls and hand-hammered singing bowls. Some are brass, while others are copper.

About Singing Bowls

Even though they are often referred to as “Tibetan singing bowls,” these bowls are not actually believed to originate in Tibet. Rather, the earliest record of singing bowls comes from the 11th century BCE in China. Some historians believe the bowls also served as a grain scoop, alms bowl, or simple food bowl.

Although many claim that singing bowls have been used for millenia, there is no historical record of what we know as singing bowls today. The ancient bowls used in meditation are believed to have been struck for the purpose of beginning and ending a meditation. The bowls that actually sing when struck around the rim have largely been a product of modernization, with no records of such bowls in Tibetan, Chinese, or other Buddhist cultures before the mid 1900’s.

Today, these meditation bowls are used across the world in meditation practices. In many different Buddhist traditions periods of meditation are started and finished with a single strike or three strikes of a bowl. At many meditation retreats and monasteries, the bowls or are struck to signal the beginning of meals, sitting periods, or other activities.