Relationship Retreats

We offer relationship retreats in California for absolutely anybody. A couples spiritual retreat isn’t just for somebody struggling in their relationship; regardless of the state of your relationship, a relationship retreat can open new doors and be incredibly beneficial. At our relationship retreats, we will guide you in practices to cultivate vulnerability, openness, communication, compassion, and more. You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and of your partner, with some tools to carry forward into your everyday life.


Learn to hone your skills in speaking and listening with mindfulness and care. This is one of the most foundational pieces of relationship-building


Work with each other’s pain and hurt, learning to be present with each uncomfortable moment with compassion.


A key to growing in relationships, cultivate the ability to truly be vulnerable with your partner and hold their vulnerabilty with care.

See Clearly

Get to know each other a little more deeply than you have previously. See each other’s experience more clearly.


Honesty lays the ground for a beautiful relationship to grow and blossom. Build the ability to be more honest and open with your partner.

Personal Practice

Begin investigating and developing your own personal awareness practice to get to know yourself and your needs.

Couples Meditation Retreat

Starting in 2017, we will be hosting regular relationship retreats in California. At our couples spiritual retreat, you will join 3-7 other couples for a few days in investigating where your relationship has room to grow. This non religious marriage retreat is open to all. If religion is a part of your life and relationship, we can incorporate it into your practice. The teachings and practices offered are meant to be accessible to all, regardless of faith, gender, race, or relationship status.

Private Relationship Retreat

We also offer private relationship retreats in California. Although a private retreat may cost slightly more, you will receive much more personal care and attention. With a private relationship retreat, you and your partner will enjoy staying at our beautiful location, working together with each other and our teachers, and having the opportunity to grow and take tools home for further growth. With all of our retreats, our teachers make themselves available to you after the retreat to continue discussing and investigating your practice together.

Get More Information

Interested in joining us for one of our upcoming relationship retreats? We are putting together a few dates, with retreats generally being 3 days long. Join our mailing list below to stay updated and get notifications of new retreats we are offering. If you’re interested in a private couples spiritual retreat, we can organize one around your time schedule. Just email us at [email protected].