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10 Days to Better Sleep

10 Days to Better Sleep

Use the breath, mindfulness, and loving-kindness to help promote ease and relaxation after a long day.

Working with Anxiety

Working with Anxiety

Discover practices to work with anxiety, reduce stress, and find some ease in your day.

21 Days of Heart Practices

21 Days of Heart Practices

Open the heart with 21 days of guided meditations and talks on compassion, kindness, and more.

Popular Programs

Living with Gratitude

Open up to receive the joy in your life with two weeks of gratitude practice. Bring mindfulness and an open heart together to appreciate the joys you experience, the love in your life, and the happiness around you.

Working with the Body

Investigate your relationship with the body with ten days of mindfulness, loving-kindness, and compassion for the body.

Walking Meditations

Discover the practice of walking meditation with seven practices to investigate mindfulness, loving-kindness, and awareness on the go.

5 Minutes a Day (One Week)

Build a simple habit with only five minutes a day. Start with just a few minutes a day for a week to begin investigating concentration, mindfulness, and compassion practices. This is our one-week program.

Cultivating Compassion

Work on opening the heart toward suffering and pain, training the mind to respond to difficulties with tenderness and care. COMING SOON!

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