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Dharma Talk is a podcast hosted by Elizabeth and Matthew Sockolov, where we casually discuss Buddhist topics. The aim of the podcast is to make the Dharma widely accessible by making it fun and relatable. These 20-30 minute episodes were created as a conversational alternative to formal dharma talks. The podcast is especially geared toward beginners but is great for people with any level of interest or experience with Buddhism and meditation.

Every week we discuss one Buddhist topic in depth and how it relates to our own practice. We have discussed karma, impermanence, metta, and many others. We then go on to offer a tip for beginners, discuss a specific sutta, or answer questions. Whenever we can, we invite quests to come and speak on the podcast in order to offer a fresh perspective on Buddhist topics.

We love to get input from our audience. If you have a question about Buddhism, a piece of advice, something you are dealing with, or an idea for a new segment let us know and we will include it in an upcoming episode. You can email us your thoughts or questions at

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A Brief Look at Siddhartha Gautama (4/5/18)
What is Emotion? (5/7/17)
Tuning into Joy (4/15/17)
What Type of Meditation to Sit With? (3/16/17)
What is Wise Effort? (2/21/17)
Being with Experience with Trust (2/15/17)
What is Mindfulness? (1/27/17)
Compassion and Buddhism as a Religion (1/16/17)
Difficult Situations, Off the Cushion, and Not Self (12/29/16)
The First Precept and Dealing with Thoughts (10/22/16)
Curiosity and Simplicity on the Path (9/21/16)
Healthy Relationships and Feeling Difficult Emotions(9/12/16)
Bringing Mindfulness to Self Care (8/31/16)
Moving, Mystery, and Change (7/20/16)
Adam’s Experience on Retreat (6/1/16)
Mindfulness, Dharma, and Pain with Cory Muscara (5/5/16)
Sudden Awakening, Gradual Cultivation with Andrew Chapman (4/26/15)
Second Noble Truth, the Future, and Investigation (3/14/16)
The First Noble Truth, Judgement, and Gentleness (1/25/16)
Generosity, Retreat, and Goals (12/21/15)

Subscribe via email to receive new episodes of Dharma Talk!