Buddhist Guided Meditation Podcast

One Mind Dharma’s Buddhist Guided Meditations podcast is our most popular. Every week, we release a new guided meditation for our listeners. The meditations cover a variety of Buddhist practices including mindfulness meditation, concentration, compassion, equanimity, walking meditation, and more. We do our best to alternate between practices. Meditations are 15-30 minutes, and are geared toward the beginner to meditation, although people at any level of practice may benefit from listening. You may subscribe via email below to the One Mind Dharma mindfulness podcast, listen on iTunes or Google Play, watch on YouTube, or download the new One Mind Dharma app to listen right on the app!

If there is a specific meditation you’d like us to add to our mindfulness podcast, please let us know. We are happy to record new meditations and include them in our podcast. We also appreciate you leaving a review on our podcast on iTunes!

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