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Elizabeth and I are sad to say that we do not have the resources at the moment to continue our work with One Mind Dharma. We will be continuing all of our regular in-person sitting groups, but will be taking a hiatus from the website and social media. Unfortunately, One Mind Dharma has become too expensive for us to run by ourselves, both in terms of finances and time. We have wanted to hire somebody to help keep our website and services running smoothly, but simply don’t have enough money. Elizabeth is a full-time student and MFT trainee, and I own a business and spend my days managing employees and clients. We once were able to handle all the work that needed to be done, but are no longer coming close to being able to handle everything.

We are considering different options for One Mind Dharma including selling it, running a fundraiser to hire an employee, or moving solely to our mobile app to lighten the load. If you have any suggestions, know somebody who may be interested in purchasing OMD, or want to ask a question, you can reach me personally at Below is a button to donate if you wish to do so. We will keep you all updated as we decide what to do moving forward, and appreciate the support!

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