Monthlong Meditation Challenge


One Mind Dharma is offering this Monthlong Meditation Challenge freely to everyone! Our meditation teachers will offer a guided meditation every day of the month for your practice. Although this practice may benefit anybody, we aim to provide guidance for people relatively new to meditation practice.


With the Monthlong Meditation Challenge, you will receive a guided meditation every day. There will be meditations on concentration, mindfulness, metta (loving-kindness), compassion, and more. Each meditation will be 10-25 minutes long.


You can subscribe to receive the meditations via email at the bottom of this page, or download the One Mind Dharma app to listen for free right in the app! You can also join the One Mind Dharma Facebook group to interact with others who are doing the challenge.


The Monthlong Meditation Challenge is a great way to learn to meditate or build a daily practice. The practices will build upon one another, help you dive into different practices, and encourage a daily practice. So many of us struggle to meditate regularly, and this is offered as a tool to help you challenge yourself and sit daily for a month.


We will start on July 1st and go through the month of July! Meditations will be available on the app starting on the first of July, and the emails will be sent directly to your inbox every morning! Meditations will be available on the app for a few weeks after the challenge as well!

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