Mindfulness Coaching


Mindfulness Coaching

Work with a mindfulness coach to develop a deeper practice, bring mindfulness to everyday life, and work with the difficulties and struggles. With one-on-one mindfulness coaching sessions you will gain practices, understanding, and insight into your experience. Together with a trained mindfulness teacher you will learn to bring mindfulness and compassion to difficulties, create a plan for growth, and build resiliency.


Working with a Mindfulness Coach

A mindfulness coach can help you in many areas of your life. Our goal is to help you build resources within yourself to meet each day with a tender, wise awareness. Here are a few ways individual sessions may be helpful.

Be Mindful

Cultivate the ability to bring mindfulness to everyday living, tasks, and responsibilites.


Look deeply at the difficulties, joys, and experiences of your life in order to gain understanding.

Create a Plan

Set intentions, create a plan, and take action to achieve your goals of growth.

Open the Heart

Work toward self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and loving-kindness in your life.

Our Mindfulness Coaches

Matthew Sockolov


Matthew is an empowered Buddhist meditation teacher, training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He works one-on-one with individual who wish to deepen their understanding of mindfulness and compassion, and those who are struggling with anxiety, anger, and other difficulties we go through.

Meditation Teacher Elizabeth Sockolov


Elizabeth is an AMFT, graduating with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sonoma State University. She works with individuals as a mindfulness teacher, life coach, and counselor. Elizabeth has experience working with addicts, teens, families, and women across the country.

Mindfulness Coaching Sessions

Both of our mindfulness coaches offer in-person sessions at One Mind Dharma in Petaluma, and online via video chat for those not in Northern California. Sessions generally last 30-45 minutes, and consist of periods of investigation, discussion, and planning. You may contact a mindfulness coach to learn more about their schedule, personal practice, and what sessions look like.