Meditation Guide for Beginners

Your Meditation Guide to Get Started with Practice

We’ve created this meditation guide for you to begin practicing and investigating mindfulness, compassion, and insight. We have resources we believe to be helpful to learn how to meditate, build a daily meditation practice, and dive into the teachings of the Buddha surrounding mindfulness and meditation.

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Getting Started with Meditation

We have dedicated our time and energy to creating these resources with the hope that they serve as a guide for your meditation practice. These online offerings will help you gain an understanding of meditation practice and build your own habit of mindfulness.

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Tips to Start Your Meditation Practice

  1. Meditate daily. Although it may seem difficult, give meditation a shot every day for a week. With consistency, you allow the mind and body a better opportunity to really investigate mindfulness meditation. You also will build a habit, often more quickly than you realize with a daily meditation practice.
  2. Listen to guidance. You don’t have to go it alone. Listen to a guided meditation to help you understand the practice and what you should be doing during your meditation periods. You can find mindfulness meditations, compassion practices, and many more techniques across the Internet.
  3. Set a regular time. By sitting at the same time every day, you are training the mind and body to build a habit. Try starting your day with meditation, practicing at night, or meditating in the afternoon every day.
  4. Incorporate loving-kindness Mindfulness meditation is not just about bearing down, focusing on the breath, and being present. We can benefit from cultivating some kindness and gentleness. Incorporate some metta into your daily routine.
  5. Don’t believe everything you think. Thinking is part of the human experience. You don’t have to clear the mind. Remember that the thoughts are just thoughts, and you don’t have to buy in, push them down, or pretend they’re not there. Notice them, and allow them to pass.
  6. Start and be where you are. Meditation is a practice in cultivation. It takes time, effort, and consistency. If you could already concentrate perfectly or be present in every moment, you wouldn’t need meditation. Allow yourself to be where you are, and don’t be too harsh!

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Below are some articles and posts from our website covering a variety of topics related to meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism.

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Mindfulness Exercises

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