Meditation Cushions

One Mind Dharma does not sell meditation cushions ourselves, but here are a few different items we recommend. These are cushions from different vendors we love, offering high-quality meditation cushions and mats. Take a look below, and feel free to reach out to us for our recommendation!

Mala Collective Cushions

These cushions are truly beautiful and we have a few ourselves in our meditation center! They last, are beautiful, and also make great gifts!


Organic Meditation Cushions

Although they not look the same as the meditation cushions from Mala Collective, these ones are solid. Bean Products makes 100% organic zafus and zabutons, and offers the option to fill them with buckwheat. Personally, I prefer buckwheat to cotton, as it helps the meditation cushion retain its shape longer!


Inscribed Meditation Cushions

These cushions have beautiful inspirational messages stitched into them, which can serve as a reminder of our practice. In addition, Buddha Groove has many other designs and patterns available. At a decent price, these are definitely one of our favorite cushions!

Other Cushions

Here are some other cushions worth checking out. Although were not crazy about buying from Amazon ourselves, these are sold through independent vendors using Amazon’s selling platform to sell their meditation cushions!