Guided Meditation CDs

Meditation CD’s

One Mind Dharma’s collection of guided meditation CD’s are offered in downloadable format here on our website and on our mobile app. Each collection offers guided meditations suitable for beginners to meditation. We will be adding more meditation CD’s in the future, so remember to check back in!


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About Our Guided Meditation CD’s

All of One Mind Dharma’s guided meditations are recorded by our teachers in Northern California. The meditations are offered for those relatively new to meditation, so no prior experience is necessary. Each collection of guided meditations has a theme. Some cover the heart practices, while others are short meditations you can do during your day.

When you purchase one of our guided meditation CD’s, you will receive the meditations in a downloadable format. If you would like help adding the meditations to a computer, mobile device, or burning them to a disc, please email us at and we will help you! Your support in ordering our meditations is greatly appreciated, as this is one of the ways in which we are able to support our offerings!