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Meditation Blogs and Websites – Our Favorites

We’ve been asked multitple times to compile a list of some of our favorite meditation blogs, websites, and resources.. The students at the treatment centers where we lead groups, the sangha at the meditation center, and members of our online community have all asked us for some recommendations. Although we haven’t investigated every dharma and meditation-related website out there, we do have quite a few we love.

This list is not meant to be in any order. If there’s a site or blog you think we should check out, please feel free to use the comment form at the bottom or contact us. We’ve separated the websites and blogs out into a few categories:

  • Buddhist Websites and Blogs
  • Secular and Mindfulness Resources
  • Retreat Centers and Practice
  • Teacher Websites

If you like listening to dharma talks, guided meditations, and other audio offerings, you can check out our post The 19 Best Meditation Podcasts.

Buddhist Websites and Blogs

These are websites about meditation, mindfulness, etc. with a strong Buddhist focus. If you are looking to learn more about dharma, these are some of our favorite sites.

Access to Insightacess to insight blog

Access to Insight is hands-down my favorite Buddhist website out there, although it certainly is not a meditation blog. It’s a go-to when I am writing talks, and I frequently use it in my own investigation. It’s a bit dense, and may be overwhelming if you’re new to meditation or Buddhism. Although it may be scary at first, they do offer some guides for beginners and I recommend starting on their page Beginnings to find a place to start.

With translations from some of the top translators of Pali to English, Access to Insight hosts the largest collection of Buddhist suttas in the English language on the web. Many translations are by Bhikkhu Bodhi, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, and the monks at Amaravati Monastery. If you want to dive into the teachings of the Buddha, Access to Insight has some great places to start.

You can find them at www.AccessToInsight.org.

Wildmindwildmind buddhism blog

Wildmind is another one of my personal go-to Buddhist websites. There are a ton of different offerings, and I find the blog incredibly useful. You can search by subject, or just dig around to see what you find. Put together by Bodhipaksa, Wildmind is a really awesome community on the web. Whether you’re looking for some insight on practices or some guided meditation scripts, Wildmind has it all.

Perhaps the reason I personally find the website to be useful is that Bodhipaksa expertly mixes his deep understanding of the dharma with modern life. He writes in an easy-to-understand way that I find relatable and understandable. When he covers complex or deep principles, he somehow makes them perfectly accessible.

You can visit Wildmind at www.WildMind.org.

Fake Buddha Quotes

Fake Buddha Quotes is another website run by Bodhipaksa, and one that is a whole lot of fun. When I first discovered the site, I simply used it to see if a quote was really from the Buddha or not, and left the site. However, there’s a lot more to be discovered here.

The premise of the site is simple: quotes often attributed to the Buddha are investigated and broken down. The site explains the origin, and whether or not the quote can accurately be traced to the Buddha. You can learn a lot about Buddhism and different traditions while reading the explanations, making this a great meditation website and place to learn about other traditions.

Visit Fake Buddha Quotes at www.FakeBuddhaQuotes.com.

View On Buddhism

View on Buddhism is run by somebody named Rudy, and serves as a wonderful outline of Buddhist teachings and principles. Based in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, this website is one of my go-to’s for inspiration. They have great quotes pages, basic outlines of principles and Buddhist teachings, and stories from members of the community.

One of my favorite things about this website is the collection of resources and further readings. The webmaster has done a really awesome job creating a truly useful site that can help you understand Buddhism, meditation practices, and philosophy. And, their quotes pages have some pretty powerful quotes that you won’t find across the web on many other quotes websites.

Visit View on Buddhism at www.ViewOnBuddhism.org.

Lion’s Roarbuddhist magazine

Lion’s Roar is an online and pring magazine that is definitely worth checking out. It’s one of our favorite Buddhist and meditation websites, simply because they have one of the biggest collections of modern teachings from teachers you may know. Scrolling through their website or reading their magazine, you’re sure to find some incredible pieces of wisdom and insight from a diverse group of teachers.

Formerly known as the Shambhala Sun, the magazine is also worth checking out. It comes out monthly, and offers articles covering a variety of topics. Whether you’re new to meditation or an experienced dharma student, Lion’s Roar is consistently inspiring.

You can check their website out at www.LionsRoar.com and subscribe to receive the magazine on Amazon.

Tricycle Magazinemindfulness websites

Tricycle is another Buddhist magazine. Although we find the Lion’s Roar website to be better overall, we actually like Tricycle Magazine a bit more. The website has great articles and thoughts from some of the world’s top teachers, but it simply isn’t as robust as the Lion’s Roar website.

The magazine is quarterly, but we find the content to be a bit more well-curated for our personal taste. The articles tend to be intensely pragmatic, and we find ourselves actually interested in reading each and every one of them.

You can check out their website at HERE and sign up to receive the magazine here.

Secular and Mindfulness Resources

These meditation websites, resources, and blogs are more secular in nature, focusing less on the dharma and direct teachings of the Buddha.

Mindful Magazinemindful magazine

Mindful Magazine is the top secular mindfulness magazine out there right now, and offers what we think is one of the top mindfulness meditation blogs on the web. The site has wonderful personal stories of practice, tips and articles from top mindfulness teachers, and great tips on getting started with meditation. The articles span a wide range of topics, covering difficulties and issues we may face, recent research, and even some pop culture through the lens of mindfulness.

If you’re interested in mindfulness, but not sure where to start, Mindful Magazine is a great way to go. Although the information isn’t super well-organized, it’s all there. They do have sections on Getting Started and on Practices, and their print magazine always hosts great articles and how-to’s.

You can visit Mindful at www.Mindful.org and subscribe to their magazine here.

Mindful Schools

mindful schools

Mindful Schools is an aweasome organization, and they also have a great set of offerings on their website. Mindful Schools works with educators to help bring mindfulness to classrooms, and offers quite a few online and in-person trainings and courses. In addition, they have a great mindfulness-based website with articles, videos, and much more. Their teaching team comes from many different traditions and backgrounds, offering powerful perspectives on mindfulness meditation and young people.

If you are a teacher or work with children and teenagers, Mindful Schools is a must. It has resources and articles specifically designed for working with young people. Their courses will give you tools and practices for working with those in your life in a secular and accessible way. From finding useful mindfulness exercises to practices you can use to work one-on-one with your students, Mindful Schools really is one of our favorite meditation and mindfulness websites.

Give them a visit at www.MindfulSchools.org.

10% Happier

10 percent happier10% Happier is just all-around one of our favorite mindfulness meditation offerings out there. Run by Dan Harris, this is a true secular meditation website. The home page of the site makes this clear, and the general theme of the site steers clear of dogma, deep Buddhism, and religion. Instead, Dan Harris uses his extensive background in journalism to bring a more pragmatic and secular approach to life. And he does so expertly.

Unlike many other websites and blogs on this list, this site doesn’t really have a true blog. Instead, they have a wonderful app available on both Android and iOS, some tips on meditating for beginners, and online mindfulness courses. His tagline is “meditation for fidgety skeptics,” and he doesn a wonderful job of making the practices accessible and friendly. One of my favorite offerings is his Mindfulness Weekly emails, with articles and blogs sent every week from top sources about mindfulness meditation.

You can visit 10% Happier at www.10PercentHappier.com and check out their Mindfulness Weekly emails at www.10PercentHappier.com/newsletter/.

Mindfulness 4 U

I had hesitated to include this site at first as there are quite a few articles on the site that tend toward spam or pop-mindfulness. However, we decided ultimately to include it because of the huge amount of useful articles you can find on this mindfulness blog. This is a huge website, with hundreds and hundreds of articles and blogs on mindfulness meditation, mindfulness in daily life, and much more.

You can visit them at www.Mindfulness4u.org. Be aware that the topics vary on this site, so you may have to search for what you’re looking for!

Retreat Centers and Practice

These are a few retreat centers and websites offering courses and classes. Some offer online offerings and live-stream groups, while others offer in-person meditation retreats.

Spirit Rock Meditation Centerspirit rock meditation center

Spirit Rock is a meditation center in Northern California. It’s a bit of a home for us, where we practice and train ourselves. If you’re in the area, we strongly recommend checking it out. They also have retreats year-round ranging from 2 nights to 60 nights.

The reason this made it on our list of meditation websites and blogs is their online offerings. For thirty years they have been hosting their Monday Night Sitting Group with Jack Kornfield and Friends. For the last few years, they have offered the opportunity to join online. You can live stream the meditation and dharma talk, participating with a huge community of meditators around the world.

You can check them out at www.SpiritRock.org.

InsightLAinsight meditation

InsightLA is a meditation center in Los Angeles, California. Led by Trudy Goodman, this center is part of the Insight Meditation tradition, just one of many different traditions in Buddhism. Insight LA of course offers great in-person courses, classes, and retreats. However, they also have a pretty robust website, especially compared to other meditation centers out there.

Their websites has a great meditation and mindfulness blog that is regularly updated, dharma talks, and guided meditations. The articles and talks are produced by an amazing team of teachers, not just those there at InsightLA. They also offer some online daylongs on MBSR, and have great social accounts to follow!

Visit InsightLA at www.InsightLA.org.

Worldwide Insight

Worldwide Insight is an awesome meditation website that is at the forefront of technology and dharma. Founded by Martin Aylward, the website hosts groups and classes online regularly. Led by a handful of different teachers, the groups at Worldwide Insight offer a way for you to practice from home and sit with a community. As of the writing of this post (July 2018), they have regular groups every Sunday that are open to all.

You can visit them at www.WordlwideInsight.org and maybe we will see you there!

Vipassana Meditation Centers

The Vipassana Meditation Centers are a truly wonderful offering. Founded by S.N. Goenka, there are now over 175 vipassana meditation centers across the world today. The meditation centers are run on a donation-basis, and they host regular meditation retreats year-round. Although the form of meditation and practice can be a bit intense for some, many find these retreats to be a powerful way to boost mindfulness. The centers are not religious, and welcome people of all traditions and beliefs to come investigate the insight meditation practices offered.

You can find out more about them and their offerings at www.Dhamma.org. In addition to information on their worldwide retreats, you can find some helpful articles and tips on getting started with insight meditation.

Insight Meditation Societyinsight meditation society

Insight Meditation Society is one of the most well-known and well-respected meditation centers in the United States. Founded in the mid 1970’s by Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, and Joseph Goldstein, IMS offers year-round meditation retreats, a private Forest Refuge for self-retreats, and many day and weekly programs. They can be found in Massachusetts, but also have a great site.

There are talks from many of the teachers, guided meditations, articles, and much more. You can find many of their teachings on DharmaSeed, or you can check out Insight Meditation Society at www.Dharma.org.

Awakening Joyawakening joy

Awakening Joy is the name of an online course created by Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock teacher James Baraz. In the online course, you get some amazing teachings from teachers and leaders across traditions and perspectives. We highly recommend taking the course, as it has been deeply impactful in our own lives.

In addition to the online course, this meditation website offers a blog and tons of resources for practice. You can find their sitting groups, listen to past interviews, preview video clips from the course, and much more. This program and website are great because they aren’t limited to just one form of meditation or Buddhism. It’s a very inclusive form of practice, and definitely beginner-friendly.

Visit James and the Awakening Joy course at www.AwakeningJoy.info.

Audio Dharma

Audio Dharma is another one of my go-to websites. I listen to the talks on Audio Dharma pretty regularly, and highly recommend their free talks and podcast. Run by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella of Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, Californa, this site is one of our favorite Buddhist websites we’ve found. The talks are wonderful, the teachers offer in-depth teachings, and it’s relatively easy to subscribe and stay up to date.

In addition to dharma talks and meditations, they have a handful of resources related to mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. There’s a meditation timer, and groupings of talks separated by categories. If you’re looking for talks on meditation and dharma, visit Audio Dharma at www.AudioDharma.org.

Teacher Websites

These websites have a variety of blogs, teachings, dharma talks, guided meditations, and more. We tried to cover a variety of teachers we enjoy, specifically in regards to their website offerings.

Tara Brachtara brach

Tara Brach is one of my personal favorite teachers. With a strong understanding and practice in Buddhist meditation and a PhD. in psychology, Tara Brach brings intensely deep wisdom to her teachings. Simply because of her unique perspective, her site deserves a spot on any list of the best meditation blogs or websites out there. She is heartfelt, wise, strong, and incredibly smart. Her practices have helped me deeply, and her books make our list of the 11 Best Meditation Books for Beginners and The Best Buddhist Books.

In addition to dharma talks and meditations, you’ll find a handful of resources, a store, and blog with great teachings, and much more. Visit Tara at www.TaraBrach.com.

Sharon Salzbergsharon salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is another one of my favorite teachers, and her books make pretty much every list of books we write. Sharon is one of the founding teachers of Insight Meditation Society, and has been teaching meditation for decades across the United States. She has authored many great books, with my favorite being her most recent book Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection. Unlike many other authors and Buddhist teachers, she also does a lot with her website.

She has the podcast Metta Hour, a full featured blog, a special column, and her meditation challenge. Sharon focuses a lot on the heart practices and loving kindness meditation, but she has developed deep insight and wisdom into many facets of Buddhist meditation practice. I strongly recommend checking her out, listening to the podcast, and connecting with her teachings.

You can visit Sharon at www.SharonSalzberg.com.

Jack Kornfieldjack kornfield

Jack Kornfield is one of the most well known Buddhist teachers in the West, and for good reason. His deep practice and ability to teach through stories, personal anecdotes, and colorful illustrations make him one of the most accessible teachers around. His books are absolutely amazing, covering a wide variety of subjects. Jack was a co-founding teacher of both Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and he still teaches fairly regularly at both.

His website is one of my favorite meditation websites from any teacher out there. He of course has his guided meditations and dharma talks, but also has a handful of great articles in his blog. If you’re looking for a meditation blog to help you understand the practices and begin to investigate mindfulness, Jack Kornfield’s blog is a great place to start!

You can find Jack at www.JackKornfield.com.

Rick Hansonrick hanson

Last, but certainly not least is Dr. Rick Hanson. Rick holds a PhD in psychology, and has a deep meditation practice. Although he is a student of the dharma, Rick teaches in a way that is largely secular and rooted in science. His deep understanding of the human mind and social experience help him offer practices and exercises that have some evidence behind them. His bestselling books are wonderful, and his website is no different.

He has talks, meditations, articles, and much more. At the forefront of mindfulness and neuroscience, Rick Hanson writes and shares in a way that I find both comforting and helpful. His knowledge and passion shine through in each article and piece he writes. I recommend checking out his website, books, and podcast! You can find him at www.RickHanson.net.

If you’re interested in starting a practice but don’t know where to begin, you can reach out to one of our mindfulness coaches to get some help!

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