Meditation and Your Soul: How Meditation Can Help Bring You Closer To Understanding Yourself and Loving Yourself More

By April 20, 2017Mindfulness
About Meditation

In a world where we never seem to have a moment to stop, relax and really focus on ourselves, life can become overwhelming at times. Having bad days and weeks has become commonplace, while carrying around feelings of self-doubt can start to become debilitating and hold you back in life. So, how can you stop these feelings from creeping in? What can you do to understand yourself better, be more forgiving of yourself, and really start loving yourself in the way you deserve?

The solution is simple – meditation. Yes, the same technique that has been around for thousands of years can be incredibly beneficial when you’re looking for a way to be more in tune with yourself and find a way to love yourself more.

What is Meditation?

Before we examine how it can help you get to know yourself better, it’s important to understand what meditation is. In simple terms, meditation is basically the process in which we observe the activity in our minds. You may observe thinking about your day, work, the kids, your relationship, money, everything. It’s a complete and utter state of peacefulness and awareness where you are living in that exact moment.

Meditation isn’t something that just comes to people the first time, in fact some people take years to find what works for them. There are all kinds of books, videos, and even classes that teach people how to practice meditation giving them tips they can use to enter that peaceful state of mind.

The length of time also varies from person to person. It may be that you only meditate for a couple minutes in the middle of a busy day, or maybe you’ve got more time to dedicate to it and you find yourself meditating for an hour or more. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how long you meditate for.

Meditation BenefitsWhat Can You Gain Through Meditation?

This is an interesting question that is filled with a number of answers. Because every person is unique and will meditate in their own way, what they take away from it will be equally unique.

One of the biggest impacts it tends to have on people, is bringing them a sense of awareness. It isn’t an awareness of your surroundings, like we so often focus on, rather an awareness of your thoughts and ideas. While you meditate, you are alone with your thoughts. This is your opportunity to find happiness in that exact moment.

When you’re finished meditating, the idea isn’t just to forget that sense of happiness, and how you were able to live in the moment and find something to feel good about, the idea is that you continue it through your day. In a way, meditation is helping you to train your mind to look at present situations in a fresh light and not to focus on the future. Here’s how you can begin to understand yourself better.

  • A Sense of Freedom and Letting Go

For many people, meditation offers a sense of letting go. When you suddenly turn off the past or future, and only focus on the present, there is this sense of freedom. So many worries are lifted away and you feel as though you can be your true self, relaxed and happy in that moment.

It’s those exact feelings that a person should be encouraged to examine more deeply. What brings you that sense of happiness? What makes you feel joy? What makes you feel calm and secure? Meditation is able to bring all of this to the surface, opening thoughts you may not have even been aware of.

It’s also very important that, while you meditate, you aren’t judging yourself. This is a chance to be forgiving, gentle, and kind. These are wonderful traits to practice as we don’t typically use them on ourselves. Meanwhile, each of these is important if you want to love yourself for who you are.

  • Connect with Your Spiritual Side

Meditation is also a great opportunity to connect with your spiritual side. This is a side most people don’t pay much mind to, and don’t often take the time to get to know. Again, it’s very important to learn about this side of yourself on the road to self-discovery. People who don’t accept themselves usually aren’t in touch with their spiritual side. Meditation allows for you to create balance mentally, spiritually, and physically, and of course balance leads to a feeling of happiness and tranquility.

Anyone Can Benefit from Meditation

Meditation is a very powerful thing to introduce and practice in your daily life. It features so many different benefits and can even help you to deal with problems in a more positive and effective manner. If you’re trying to learn more about yourself, and you want to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved, then meditation can be a huge step in the right direction.About Meditation

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David Foley is a young Irish psychologist, a therapist, and a personal growth enthusiast at He lives in rural Ireland where he plays tennis, canoes, meditates, writes and visits friends for cups of tea regularly. David was a software engineer in a past life, whereupon a love of the human mind and of Asian mysticism and esoterica was developed. He undertook studies in an MA in Psychology and began talking to those who wanted to share their lives. He meditates daily and likes to take life at a pace conducive to reflection and contemplation.


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