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Interested in learning to meditate but not sure how to begin? One Mind Dharma’s Daily Guided Meditations will help you investigate different meditation practices, build a daily practice, and find a path into meditation. Created for beginners to meditation, our daily meditations offer instruction and guidance for you to begin your investigation of mindfulness, compassion, and more!

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Who We Are

One Mind Dharma is here to make meditation accessible to all who wish to investigate these powerful practices. Founded in 2011 as a blog about meditation, we today have a meditation center in Northern California, offer our daily meditations to thousands across the world, and have been featured in various blogs and magazines for our work.

Founded and by a couple, One Mind Dharma consists of Elizabeth and Matthew Sockolov. Matthew is an empowered Buddhist meditation teacher, receiving his empowerment through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Elizabeth is a licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, and works with individuals across the United States.

Why Meditate With Us?

Personal Support

If you have a question, we are here for you. As a small organization, you will get a response from one of us personally, whether it’s a question about technical issues or your meditation practice.

Trained Teachers

Receive guidance from teachers who have trained with some of the most well-respected meditation teachers in the country. Learn to meditate from teachers with deep training and personal experience.

Regular Guidance

Get new meditations every weekday directly to your inbox. Find new practices, build a daily habit, and learn about different meditation practices. Use our guided meditations to begin your practice!

The Benefits of Meditation

Researchers around the globe have been working hard to study the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice. Here are just a few ways meditation can improve your wellbeing.

Work with Anxiety

Meditation has been proven in multiple studies to reduce anxiety in regular meditators.

Manage Stress

Meditate to help you respond more wisely to stress with family life, work, and daily living.

Build Focus

Practice regularly to build the ability to stay focused and concentrated at your job and in relationships.

Build Mindfulness

Cultivate the ability to be present with and aware of what is going on in your present-time experience.

Tips on Getting Started with Meditation

Starting a practice can be difficult. Meditation isn’t always fun or easy, and you may find yourself struggling in moments. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to do meditation at home and build a practice.

  • Meditate Every Day – Set the intention to sit every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Continuity of practice can be extremely helpful in learning how to meditate and help to build insight.
  • Create a Routine – To build the habit, try sitting at the same time every day, in the same location, and with the same practices. Train your mind to associate this place and time with a calm and joyful mind!
  • Listen to Guidance – Whether you listen to our meditations or other guided meditations, we want you to give it a shot. Guided meditations offer a way to learn to meditate and familiarize yourself with the techniques.
  • Find a Community – See if you can find a friend to practice with, a local meditation community, or a teacher. Talking about meditation and having somebody to talk to about your practice can lead to clarity and growth.
  • Be Patient With Yourself – Meditation is a practice, not a quick fix. Be patient with yourself. Keep at it, and don’t overwhelm yourself by constantly measuring your progress.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Here are a few free guided meditations you can try from our YouTube channel. For more practices we recommend for beginners, check out our post Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

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