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Interested in learning to meditate but not sure how to begin? One Mind Dharma’s daily meditations will help you investigate different meditation practices, build a daily practice, and find a path into meditation. Created for beginners to meditation, our daily meditations offer instruction and guidance for you to begin your investigation of mindfulness, compassion, and more! We’ve created this offering to help allow people the opportunity to learn to meditate, and you need absolutely no experience with meditation to get started!

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Who We Are


One Mind Dharma is here to make meditation accessible to all who wish to investigate these powerful practices. Founded in 2011 as a blog about meditation, we today have a meditation center in Northern California, offer our daily meditations to thousands across the world, and have been featured in various blogs and magazines for our work.

Founded and by a couple, One Mind Dharma consists of Elizabeth and Matthew Sockolov. Matthew is an empowered Buddhist meditation teacher, receiving his empowerment through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Elizabeth is in graduate school studying psychology and leads meditation groups at addiction treatment centers and for those struggling with mental health disorders.

Why Meditate with Us?

Personal Support

If you have a question, we are here for you. As a small organization, you will get a response from one of us personally, whether it’s a question about technical issues or your meditation practice.

Trained Teachers

Receive guidance from teachers who have trained with some of the most well-respected meditation teachers in the country. Learn to meditate from teachers with deep training and personal experience.

Regular Guidance

Get new meditations every weekday directly to your inbox. Find new practices, build a daily habit, and learn about different meditation practices. Use our guided meditations to begin your practice!

Why Learn to Meditate?

Meditation has many benefits, and as we being to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and concentration we can see how meditation practice can benefit us in our lives on and off the cushion.

Work with Anxiety

Meditation has been proven in multiple studies to reduce anxiety in regular meditators.

Manage Stress

Meditate to help you respond more wisely to stress with family life, work, and daily living.

Build Focus

Practice regularly to build the ability to stay focused and concentrated at your job and in relationships.

Build Mindfulness

Cultivate the ability to be present with and aware of what is going on in your present-time experience.

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Tips for Learning to Meditate

Meditation has many benefits, and as we being to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and concentration we can see how meditation practice can benefit us in our lives on and off the cushion.

• Meditate Every Day – Set the intention to sit every day, even if just for a few minutes. Continuity of practice can be extremely helpful in learning how to meditate and help us to build understanding.

• Talk About Practice – Whether it’s with a teacher or a friend, find a way to talk about meditation, ask questions, and engage with others.

• Create a Routine – To build habit, try sitting at the same time every day, in the same location, and/or with the same practices.

• Listen to Guided Meditations – Whether you listen to our meditations or other ones, guided practices are a great way to familiarize yourself with new practices!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are meditations?
Meditations range from ten minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the day and practice. The average length is about twelve minutes.

Do I need any previous experience?
No. Our guided meditations are ideal for beginners and newcomers to meditation practice.

My meditation goes silent in the middle.
There are periods of silence, so don’t worry! There’s a bell at the end of each meditation.

How do I receive the meditations?
Meditations are sent directly to your email, and you can stream or download any practice.

What if I don’t have any money?
If you want to subscribe but just don’t have money, please email us at [email protected]!

Can I cancel any time?
Yes, of course! You can cancel yourself, or email us and we will promptly cancel your subscription.

Meditation Techniques

There are many different kinds of meditation in and out of Buddhist traditions. We practice and lead meditations in the Insight Meditation tradition, but it’s worth investigating different kinds of practice.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a popular practice, and a foundational meditation practice. In mindfulness, we cultivate awareness of the present-time experience and recognition of the Three Marks of Existence. Mindfulness may be practiced in a number of ways, and is an essential Buddhist teaching.

You can cultivate mindfulness in dedicated sitting periods, but you can also bring mindfulness to everyday life. Like many other practices, it is not something we practice just on the cushion. We must bring our awareness and presence to everything we do, and mindfulness meditation is a step in this direction.

Heart Practices

The heart practices, or brahma-viharas, are the Buddhist practices of cultivating heart qualities. Beginning with metta, or loving-kindness, the heart practices are cultivated in various ways through dedicated meditation practice. We can also of course bring these qualities to our daily life, opening the heart to the humanity of others.


Concentration practice, or samatha meditation, is a form of practice that aims to collect the mind and focus on one object. When we practice concentrative meditation, we build the ability to be with one experience without the mind bouncing around from experience to experience. This helps us dive more deeply into meditation practice, and can help us focus in everyday living.


There are many different types of meditation and types of Buddhism, and ours doesn’t incorporate visualization very much. However, there are many new age practices and different traditions incorporating some form of visualization. Many people find this a helpful method of cultivating insight, wisdom, or understanding, and these practices can be extremely beneficial for those who are more visually-inclined.


Mantras are popular in many traditions and religions, and offer a different way to meditate. Sometimes using a set of mala beads, individuals repeat a mantra on a specific subject in order to cultivate some quality. This is believed in some traditions to be a method of aligning the soul, while others see it purely as a concentration practice.

Walking Meditation

Walking practice is a great alternative to sitting meditation. In a period of walking meditation we practice while moving rather than sitting still. This can bring many great benefitis, including offering a way to bring some energy to practice, meditate in a way that is more relateable to everyday mindfulness, and give us a new way to interact with the body.





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