Below you will find a continually updated list of our guided meditations. If there is a meditation you would like that you don’t see, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will get one uploaded for you! You are welcome to listen or download any meditation and share as you wish. If you would like to receive guided meditations via email, visit our Daily Guided Meditation page.

Mindfulness of Mental Mood (6/1/16)
Mindfulness of Thoughts (5/16/16)
Metta (5/5/16)
Body Scan and Awareness (4/5/16)
Mudita Meditation (3/23/16)
Compassion Meditation (3/14/16)
Gratitude Meditation (2/8/16)
Concentration Meditation (1/1/16)
Mindfulness Meditation (12/21/15)