Guided Meditations for Groups

Do you have a group of individuals to whom you would like to offer meditations? One Mind Dharma has what you need! We offer guided meditations Monday-Friday to our members for $2.99/month per subscriber. If you wish to offer meditations to a group, we have discounted rates available. Group memberships include up to 1,000 subscribers. Take a look at some of our options below. You may sign up under each section, or email us at [email protected] with any questions! Upon subscribing, you will receive a confidential subscription link which you may offer to your group to sign up with just an email. If you are interested in a group membership, but have far less than 1,000 subscribers, you are welcome to call us at (888) 991-6463 and together we can figure out a helpful option for your group! Membership levels are based on anticipated subscriber count. You can always upgrade easily!

Treatment Centers

We at One Mind Dharma are proud to be in recovery ourselves, and know the power of a meditation practice. Especially in early sobriety, it is helpful to investigate new tools and opportunities to grow. Our guided meditations will help listeners build a daily meditation practice and investigate mindfulness, forgiveness, compassion, and concentration.

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One Mind Dharma offers group memberships to those in any wellness fields. This includes therapists, yoga teachers, sober coaches, healers, doctors, and more. If you have clients that may be interested in investigating a daily meditation practice, our Daily Guided Meditations are perfect for you!

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Do you have a lot of employees? According to multiple studies, meditation improves workplace morale, focus, and productivity. In addition, meditation reduces stress and promotes the general wellbeing of your employees. Our meditations cover a variety techniques that will help your employees cultivate wisdom and mindfulness.

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Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website, active social media accounts, or business, you may encourage people to subscribe to our guided meditations and make a little money for yourself! Our affiliate marketing program allows you to make $2 for every subscriber that comes through your link. This is a great way to make your blog, website, or social media profitable while offering them a truly useful service. To get started with our affiliate marketing program, just visit our Affiliate Registration.