New to One Mind Dharma or to meditation in general?
This is a good place to start! You will find here a brief introduction to our site, and a few important pages and resources to take a look at.

One Mind Dharma

One Mind Dharma is a site about all things Buddhist and meditation related. We strive to provide all we can for those interested in mindfulness, compassion, and equanimity, whether it is through Buddhist practice or any other practice. One Mind Dharma is run by a couple, Matthew and Elizabeth, who have both cultivated a meditation practice together and individually. Matthew is in training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and Elizabeth is a psychology student at Loyola Marymount University. To learn more, check out our About Us page.


As you may know, meditation is an important part of the Buddhist path, and has been an important piece of our personal growth. Here at OMD we offer quite a few different ways to begin investigating meditation. We have meditation libraries, written instructions, podcasts, emails, and online groups.

  • Online Libraries
    One Mind Dharma is proud to host two libraries of guided meditations. We have our guided meditation library from our podcasts, and our library of short meditations. You may stream meditations from our site, or download them to your computer or device to listen to any time!

    Guided Meditation Library

  • Guided Meditation Emails
    One Mind Dharma offers two ways to receive guided meditations via email. You may subscribe for free to receive a new guided meditation every week. You may also join OMD to receive a new guided meditation every day to your email.

    Weekly Guided Meditation Emails

    Daily Guided Meditation Emails


One Mind Dharma offers several free podcasts available on iTunes and Android podcast applications.
You may also subscribe to any podcast via email, or just listen to individual episodes. You may find our podcasts at the top menu of our pages.

  • Dharma Talk

    Dharma Talk is OMD’s podcast about all things Buddhism. Rather than a formal dharma talk, it is a casual conversation about various Buddhist teachings, and how to apply them in daily life.

  • Guided Meditations

    One Mind Dharma’s Guided Meditation podcast provides you with a different guided meditation every week. We cover a variety of different Buddhist meditation practices.

  • Recorded Talks

    These talks are more traditional Buddhist dharma talks than from our Dharma Talk show. This is a podcast of our talks about Buddhism from our meditation groups that we lead.

  • Buddhist Recovery

    This podcast offers a look at recovery via the Buddhist teachings. It has talks about dharma and recovery, as well as speakers sharing their story of recovery and meditation.

One Mind Shop

One Mind Dharma has a store with many handmade items to choose from. We personally make all of the products that we sell with the utmost care and love. We sell Buddhist malas, bracelets, and small pieces for your home.

Getting Started with Buddhism

Interested in Buddhism, meditation, or mindfulness but not sure where to start? One Mind Dharma has a few resources for those interested in beginning an investigation of the dharma. If you are new to meditation you may check out our Buddhism for Beginners page, with some tips and pieces for those new to the Buddhist teachings. Our Basics of Buddhism is also a great resource, serving as a Table of Contents for our Buddhist pages. Here you will find links to pages on many Buddhist teachings and practices. You may also visit the One Mind Dharma Blog for our most recent posts about Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness.