Our Friends & Recommendations

Check out some of our friends, supporters, and recommendations for products! These are various organizations we have had great experiences with, recommendations for products, and businesses that support our podcasts and offerings!


DharmaCrafts is a wonderful vendor selling all kinds of amazing goods and gifts. They offer meditation cushions, statues, malas, jewelry, and more!

Bean Products

Bean Products makes some super high quality meditation cushions. It’s defintely not the pretty, frilly cushion you’ll find elsewhere. But they are organic, sustainably created,
and durable! Check them out!

bean products zafu meditation

Mala Collective

The Mala Collective makes some beautiful malas and jewelry.
If you’re looking for a high-end mala necklace or bracelet, check out mala collective’s extensive collection of jewelry!

I Am Powerful Mala

I Am Divine Mala

Meditate Bracelet - White Rudraksha

Yoga Clothing for You

Yoga Clothing for You is a wonderful organization and website for clothing for men and women. With pants, tops, hoodies, and more, they have an awesome collection of stylish and useful items!

Yoga Clothing

Buddha Groove

Buddha Groove is one of our favorite websites out there.
They have an incredible selection of statues, garden items, malas, jewelry, and more. Their pieces are beautiful and make amazing gifts!

Buddha Groove