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Feb 17 2018


09:30 AM - 03:00 PM


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A Day of Practice

Join us on Saturday, February 17th for a day of silent practice. The two of us don’t have much opportunity to sit in daylong settings, so will be practicing all day at our center in silence. All are welcome to join us for the whole day, or any period you wish to. If you do come for just a portion of the day, please remember we will be in noble silence as you arrive.

We will alternate between periods of sitting and walking meditation, with a break for lunch. The periods will be silent, and open for your own practice. Our planned schedule is:

9:30am – Sit
9:50am – Walk
10:10am – Sit
10:40am – Walk
11:10am – Sit
11:45am – Walk
12:15pm – Lunch Break
1:00pm – Sit
1:30pm – Walk
2:00pm – Sit
2:45pm – Walk
3:00pm – End

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