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Who We Are

We are simply two people passionate about the power of mindfulness, compassion, and the dharma to transform lives. Meditation has made a deep impact in our own lives, and we seek to share the practices which have helped us with others. Although One Mind Dharma has a lot of offerings and a huge website, it’s the two of us who write emails, record meditations, handle technical issues, fulfill orders, and keep everything running.

Matthew is an empowered Buddhist meditation teacher from Spirit Rock Meditation Center who sits retreats at Spirit Rock, with Against the Stream, and at local monasteries in California. He loves investigating the ancient teachings of the Buddha, and bringing them to the modern experience. When he is not teaching meditation, Matthew runs a digital marketing firm that works in the mindfulness and wellness fields.

Elizabeth is an associate Marriage and Family Therapist, working with teenagers and young adults. She brings mindfulness to her work, and has lead many groups at the One Mind Dharma center in Northern Calfornia.. She also brings meditation and mindfulness classes into addiction treatment centers in California as the practices have helped her personal recovery from addiction.

Today, Matthew and Elizabeth live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Making the choice to leave their home country was a tough one, but they are grateful for a slower way of life where they can live mindfully near the beautiful Caribbean waters.

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“Like many that receive your emails, I’ve been on a very intense spiritual, healing and growth journey over the past few years. As of the past several months, almost all of my spiritual practices have fallen to the wayside. I know that this has been part of my growth and healing. One of the few practices that have remained a constant in my life are Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, the Tao Te Ching, and your daily emails. No matter where I am, I know I can start my day with just that one moment, to read your emails, something healthy and healing. To read something that cause me to pause. To read something that I can carry through out my day (which many times I do) and put into practice. Today I decided to become a member. I am feeling that it’s my time to get back into my meditation and yoga practices. I know that the meditations that come with membership will help me get started again. And honestly, $9 a month is less than most streaming services, and worth it. Thank you so, so, so much for doing these emails and meditations. Thank you for sharing your light and helping guide others when their light is a bit dim!!”
-Todd B.

What We Do

One Mind Dharma has a huge list of offerings both free and with a fee. Our websites hosts online meditation courses, Daily Inspirational Emails, Daily Guided Meditations, a popular meditation podcast, an in-depth blog, individual mindfulness coaching sessions, a store, and much more.

Like many small organizations, we handle all of the work ourselves. When there’s a technical issue with the site, we handle it. We record the meditations, write the emails, make our graphics, and design our website. As both of us have full-time jobs, keeping up with the website is a true project of love.

How Your Support Helps

We absolutely love One Mind Dharma, the people we get to meet through our work, and the opportunity we have to share the dharma. Over the last seven years, One Mind Dharma has grown more than we could have imagined. This has been a wonderful gift in our lives.

As One Mind Dharma has grown, so have the costs. Things like our podcasts and Daily Inspirational Emails were essentially free for us to produce for a few years, other than our time (which we are happy to donate). With growth, we’ve incurred costs. We have had to upgrade our servers to handle the traffic from podcast downloads, increase the capacity of our mailing list to make sure everyone gets their emails, and pay for the recording software and hardware to create meditations.

In an effort to show transparency, here are a few costs of our offerings that are of no cost to you:
Server Traffic from Podcast Listens and Bot Crawls – $200/month
Recording Software for Meditations – $49.95/month
Mailing List for Daily Inspirations – $150/month

Your support helps us continue to offer these services for free so anyone may join. We have thought about cancelling the podcast and the Daily Inspirations, but people truly love them. With over 20,000 people opening the Daily Inspirations on a given day, and over 15,000 downloads of each episode of our podcast, we don’t want to just stop.

We have also thought of charging for these services, but don’t want to limit them to only those that have money. On a donation-based model, all can join regardless of financial ability. We don’t believe that only those with money should have access to inspiration and meditation, and need your help to continue with our intention.

As these offerings are costing us about $400 every month, or almost $5,000/year, we simply cannot continue to cover the costs ourselves. The costs are continually growing as our lists grow, and we frankly do not make enough money with our day jobs to support this! Your pledge will help us continue to make these offerings.

Please consider giving anything you have to offer to help. If you’ve received benefit from the offerings we have dedicated time, effort, and money to creating, your contribution is a wonderful way to show gratitude, practice generosity, and ensure we can keep going!