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As with the Daily Guided Meditation Emails, we will cover a variety of practices and you may stream or download each meditation.

Meditations for
Groups and Businesses

One Mind Dharma is happy to provide many businesses with the opportunity to supply our guided meditations. Treatment centers, yoga studios, non-profits, and technology companies love giving our guided meditations to their members, clients, and employees.

Use the contact form here to reach out to us about recording meditations for your website or blog, provide meditations for your employees or clients, or with any other questions you may have!

Free Guided Meditations

Below are our most recent meditations from our Weekly Guided Meditations Podcast. Some are links to YouTube videos and some are just audio files. You are welcome to click to stream each meditation, or download the audio files to your computer or device. You may also subscribe to receive these meditations via email by filling out the form above.

In Person Groups

One Mind Dharma hosts a few meditation groups every week. Our groups are donation-based, and absolutely all are welcome regardless of experience. Come join us at the times and locations on the map, or visit our Insight Sonoma page to learn more about joining us!