Mindful & Clean is One Mind Dharma’s podcast about mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, and recovery. As we are in recovery ourselves, we like to offer a path that we have found immensely helpful in recovering from addiction, mental health issues, eating disorders, and more. You can listen to individual episodes below, listen on iTunes, listen on SoundCloud, or subscribe via email below!





Wise Effort Discussion (2/20/17)
Impermanence Meditation (2/5/17)
Impermanence Talk (2/5/17)
Body Awareness Meditation (12/21/16)
Body Awareness Talk (12/21/16)
Self-Compassion Discussion (9/19/16)
Self-Compassion Meditation (9/12/16)
Self-Compassion Talk (9/12/16)
Finding a Higher Power (8/20/16)
Self-Forgiveness Meditation (8/1/16)
Self-Forgiveness Talk (7/15/16)
How has Meditation Helped Your Recovery? (6/1/16)