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Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Approach to Addiction Recovery

Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Approach to Recovery Learn about Refuge Recovery, the Buddhist recovery program with meetings across the world. If you're local to Petaluma, you can join us for our weekly meeting HERE. Overview The Four Noble Truths What is Refuge Recovery? My Experience with Refuge The Refuge Program Refuge Recovery Meetings Getting Started [...]

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How Can Meditation Aid Addiction Recovery?

How Can Meditation Aid Addiction Recovery? Meditation is an alternative approach to addiction recovery, but how does it help people and is it as effective as more traditional methods like counseling and psychotherapy? Meditation has a spiritual history and many forms have developed through different cultures. Each form has a similar aim; to reach inner [...]

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Drug Overdoses in Unfamiliar Places

Drug overdose is an unfortunate reality when dealing with people who are struggling with addiction. Most people in recovery probably know someone close to them who has overdosed and died. Many people have also ended up in the hospital from an overdose of their own and been lucky enough to live through it. I have [...]

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Another Buddhist Atheist in Recovery

This post was first published in December 2014 on our old site, The Easier Softer Way. We are reposting it here because of the amount of questions we receive about being an atheist in recovery, hoping that it is of use to someone! I’ve recently been asked several times about my atheistic beliefs and my [...]

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