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How to Meditate (for Beginners)

Interested in meditation? Read our thoughts on how to meditate and start your own daily meditation practice with no experience. We'll go through learning to meditate, some resources (of ours and elsewhere on the web) for you, and offer a pragmatic bit on how to meditate with some tips and thoughts for you. You may [...]

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How Can I Block Negative Thoughts?

  There are many different ways we are asked this question... How can I block negative thoughts? What do we do with negative thinking in meditation? How do I stop thinking in meditation? We are asked these types of questions quite a bit, especially when we teach at a few of the non 12 step [...]

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Seven Misconceptions about Meditation

As we keep our eyes and ears open, we notice that there are quite a few misconceptions about what meditation is. In my own experience, I have found myself clinging to certain ideas about what meditation "should" be, or what it "should" look like. I get stuck in trying to make my meditation practice look [...]

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