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Grateful for Difficulties… Most of the Time

I sat down in front of my computer yesterday to video chat with my meditation teacher JoAnna Hardy. She asked me how my practice was going and I told her that it was alright, I was sitting semi-regularly, but my meditations kept getting interrupted. She smiled and asked me what I would say to a [...]

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Compassion Meditation Works

Compassion practice is an integral part of Buddhist meditation. It is often described as being one of the two wings to meditation practice. One wing is compassion or the heart practices. The other wing is wisdom or insight practices. The goal of compassion meditation is to increase feelings of compassion as well as making us [...]

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Veterans and Meditation

I have seen the benefits of meditation manifest in my own life, especially in regard to my recovery from addiction. As I was reflecting on how much it has helped me, I was wondering how wide reaching the benefits are. Specifically, are they available for people with other psychological difficulties? The short answer seems to [...]

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Identification with all of Humanity

  Buddhism asks us to look at our suffering and deal with it head on. However, it also tells us that there is an end to suffering and many tools to reduce suffering. One way to confront suffering is to respond with compassion. Compassion in this context is simply a care for others pain and [...]

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Retreat Research

Intro There have been numerous psychology studies that detail the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and other Buddhist practices. However, reading and interpreting the results can be confusing or laborious. Sometimes reading the reviews of these studies by popular sources I see errors or misrepresentations. As someone who cares about Buddhism and science, I hope this [...]

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