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Spiritual Bypass – Tuning into Aversion

Today's episode of Dharma Talk covers the topic of spiritual bypass. Spiritual bypass is a term coined in the early 80's by John Welwood. John is a Buddhist teacher and licensed psychotherapist, and described spiritual bypass as a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, [...]

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Renunciation – A Greater Happiness

This week on Dharma Talk, the topic is renunciation. As verse 290 of the Dhammapada says: It is wisdom that enables letting go of a lesser happiness in pursuit of a happiness which is greater. We'll talk a bit about how clinging and attachment can cause suffering before moving into the benefits of renunciation in [...]

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Internal and External Resources

Today on Dharma Talk, we're discussing resources that we can build. We'll cover some of the traditional resources we build in dharma, as well as some that may be outside of the scope of traditional dharma teachings. Visit https://OneMindDharma.com/talk to subscribe via email, iTunes, YouTube, and more. You can also now listen on your Spotify [...]

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The Process of Forgiveness

Today's topic is the practice and process of forgiveness. Matthew talks about self-forgiveness, forgiveness for others, and what it means to forgive. You can read our post at https://oneminddharma.com/forgiveness-exercises/ for some forgiveness exercises. Visit https://oneminddharma.com/podcasts/dharma-talk-2/ to subscribe, support, and learn more about the podcast!

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Our Relationships to Money

Today we are talking a little bit about money. This is a rich topic, and we're just brushing the surface. We will investigate a few things the Buddha said about money and wealth, as well as what it means to really look at our relationship to money with some mindfulness. Visit https://oneminddharma.com/talk to subscribe to [...]

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Investigating Equanimity

Here we are! The first real episode of Dharma Talk :) Today, the topic is equanimity. I cover a few foundational pieces about equanimity, how we cultivate this quality, and few of the subtleties.  You can visit https://oneminddharma.com/talk to learn more about the podcast and how to stay updated, and don't forget to reach out [...]

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