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Mindfulness and Our Stories

Mindfulness and Our Stories We all have stories about ourselves. We are this person or that person, shaped by something we experienced in our lives, or prone to make certain mistakes. In many ways, these stories serve us. They keep us safe, give us a healthy sense of identity, and may help us see our [...]

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Start Meditating with these Four Easy Tips

One of the best things about practicing meditation is that you can experience many of its benefits in the first minute you start. It's not something that you have to practice for weeks and weeks to notice any changes. However, if you can keep it up on a regular basis, scientific research has found that [...]

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Working with the Daily Stressors of Work, School, Family, and Life

Working with the Daily Stressors of Work, School, Family, and Life For many of us, stress is a part of regular life. Whether we're studying for an exam, trying to take care of children, or working to meet a deadline for our job, we are faced with stress regularly. We try to find ways to [...]

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Investigating the Emotional Experience

Investigating the Emotional Experience In our meditation practice, it can be helpful to dive in and dedicate time to looking deeply at the emotional experience. So often, we focus on feelings in the body or thoughts arising in mindfulness practice, but not directly on the emotions arising and passing. Emotions are part of our experience, [...]

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The Benefits Of Using Meditation To Cope With Stress

The Benefits Of Using Meditation To Cope With Stress Life comes with its fair share of troubles, hard times and loss. Nobody is immune to life’s challenges, however, some of us deal with them better than others, our reactions under difficult circumstances being subject to how our individual bodies respond to stress. When you’re stressed [...]

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Breath and Body Mindfulness

This is a guided meditation in which we investigate the breath and other experiences in the body. Remember to practice observation. The practice is to cultivate awareness and clarity. There's nothing to change or fix. Simply observe your experience from moment to moment. This podcast is supported by the generosity of the community, and we [...]

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5 Steps to Create a Meditation Habit on a Daily Basis

5 Steps to Create a Meditation Habit on a Daily Basis Every good meditation or yoga teacher will tell you the same thing: it’s essential to develop a daily meditation habit, so you’ll really make this practice part of your life. When you first started meditating, you felt the effects of the practice right after [...]

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Creating Mindful Moments During Your Day

Creating Mindful Moments During Your Day Although when you think of mindfulness you may think of formal meditation, mindfulness is not just for meditation periods. Although we can gain great insight in formal sitting practice, most of us don't spend the day meditating. We can find ways to bring our mindfulness practice to daily life, [...]

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Guided Meditation – Mindfulness of the Sense-Doors

This guided meditation is a mindfulness practice in which we will simply observe what is arising and passing at the six sense-doors. We are about 1/4 of the way to reaching our goal to support this podcast. Please consider supporting the podcast by pledging a few dollars a month. Right now, I am personally paying [...]

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Keeping a Meditation Journal – Prompts, Benefits, and Our Favorite Journals

Keeping a Meditation Journal - Benefits, Instructions, and Our Favorite Journals Keeping a meditation journal may not be a traditional practice or one that you necessarily think of when you think of meditating. However, we've found it to be a deeply useful way to bring insight and clarity to our experience while meditating. Whether you're [...]

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