How to Meditate Anytime, Anywhere

How to Meditate Anytime, Anywhere

Why is it important to meditate anytime, anywhere? The meditation that we do sitting on our cushion or our chair is the bedrock of our practice. We try to build up a regular practice which we do every day. However, it is easy to get up from our meditation session and carry on with ‘life’— we tend to separate our meditation from the things we do all day long. The more we can bring our meditation into our every activity, the more we are learning to truly make meditation part of our lives. If you have watched the short video …

siddhartha gautama

Siddhartha Gautama – The Life and Teachings of the Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama – The Life and Teachings of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama is known by many names: Gautama Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, the Awakened One, and the Buddha. A man who lived over 2500 years ago, Siddhartha was a teacher who laid the foundation for many Buddhist students for centuries to come. Believed to be born in Northeast India, he taught across Eastern India, and his teachings eventually spread across the world. Because the Buddha lived so long ago, historical records are hard to find. Much of what we know about the Buddha’s life come from the Tipitaka, or the Pali …

Relaxing the Body

This meditation is a guided relaxation practice. We will work through the body, bringing in the intention of calming the body and inviting in ease.

Body Awareness Meditation

This guided meditation is a mindfulness practice in which we will investigate the body. Rather than a traditional body scan, we will work from the outside of the body moving in. Visit to subscribe to our podcast, and to learn more about our Daily Meditation Emails.

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Meditation Positions: Finding a Posture That Works for You

Meditation Positions: Finding a Posture That Works for You Finding a meditation posture that works for us can be quite the journey. We try a few different meditation positions, but cannot seem to get comfortable. Maybe you’ve seen people sitting in positions your body simply cannot do. There are many meditation postures and techniques, and when we’re new to meditation it can be difficult to find what works for ourselves. We wanted to offer a few different meditation poses for those new to meditation practice with the hope that you can investigate for yourself what is useful and conducive to …

Breathing with the Body

This is a guided mindfulness meditation mixing the breath and a body scan. We will work with the breath to investigate different parts of the body and the experience of breathing.

driving meditation

How to Meditate While Driving

How to Meditate While Driving We get a lot of requests and questions related to practicing meditation while driving. At first mention, driving meditation seems dangerous and bordering on crazy. Of course, we can’t close our eyes and strike a full lotus position while on the road! However, there are ways we can work on cultivating mindfulness while behind the wheel. I began investigating meditation while driving to work a couple years ago when I began working at an office instead of from the home. The daily commute of about 30 minutes was often filled with music, a podcast, listening …

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Nirvana, Buddhism, and the Path Explained

Nirvana, Buddhism, and the Path Explained Nirvana is a central concept in Buddhism, and one that can be confusing. It is the ultimate goal of practice, referenced repeatedly in the suttas, and even used as a colloquial term outside Buddhist circles. Nirvana is common in many different types of Buddhism, and the teaching may be found in both Theravada and Mahayana schools. It is a foundational teaching, the goal of practice, and really the center of the dharma. Many people have questions about nirvana in Buddhism, as it is quite a different teaching than what we are accustomed to in …

What is Dharma?

What is Dharma? Dharma is a word you may hear quite a bit in Buddhist groups and teachings, but what is dharma exactly? It is a complex word that has many meanings, and can be confusing when we begin to hear it in meditation groups or while reading a book about meditation. There are many different traditions and religions that use the word dharma, and many different meanings within Buddhism alone. The Buddha dharma, or Buddhadharma, is what we will focus on here, as that is where our experience and knowledge lies. We will offer some resources further on to …

Metta for Friend, Difficult, and Self

This is a guided meditation investigating metta, or loving-kindness. We start with a brief body scan with an emphasis on kindness toward the body. We then move into extending this quality toward a good friend in our lives. As we move into working with a difficult person, we will bring in the good friend to help us connect with the caring heart.