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Mindful Breathing

For many, mindfulness starts with the breath. When we think of meditation and mindfulness practice, the image may come to mind of sitting still and focusing on the breath. Althouth there are many forms of mindfulness practice, mindful breathing is a wonderful place to start. Working with the breath is one of the best technique for [...]

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Mindfulness of the Breath

This is a guided meditation on mindfulness of the breath. We will start with a few minutes of concentration practice, using the breath as the object of awareness. We then will open the awareness to include mindfulness of breath in other parts of the body. Mindful breathing is an important part of the Buddhist path, [...]

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Grateful for Difficulties… Most of the Time

I sat down in front of my computer yesterday to video chat with my meditation teacher JoAnna Hardy. She asked me how my practice was going and I told her that it was alright, I was sitting semi-regularly, but my meditations kept getting interrupted. She smiled and asked me what I would say to a [...]

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Practicing Mindful Communication in Your Life

Practicing Mindful Communication in Your Life Mindfulness is not just for the meditation cushion where we are silent. We can bring it to daily life in many ways, engaging with the world with awareness and care. One way we can do this is through the practice of mindful communication. Like other aspects of our lives, [...]

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Gratitude Meditation

This meditation is a guided meditation on gratitude. Although this is not a traditional practice, it is useful. Using the tool of meditation, we can cultivate a mind and heart that are inclined toward appreciation of ourselves and those around us. For more meditations on living with gratitude, you can check out our Living with [...]

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Equanimity in Buddhism and Its Cultivation

Equanimity in Buddhism and Its Cultivation Equanimity is an important part of the Buddhist path, and a quality to be cultivated through meditation practice. As one of the four brahma-viharas, equanimity is a quality of the mind and heart. However, it's often left by the wayside. We frequently have students who have been practicing for [...]

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Spending Time Outside as a Mindfulness Practice

Spending Time Outside as a Mindfulness Practice Over my years of practice, most periods of meditation have taken place inside. I sit in my home, inside meditation centers, and in meditation halls on retreat. I'm not sure where or why this tradition started of sitting inside, but we really can practice wherever we are. Siddhartha [...]

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Metta for the Body

Today's meditation is a practice in metta, or loving-kindness for the body. We often practice with metta for ourselves or for other people, but we can break it down to specifically cultivate this quality toward our bodies specifically. This can help us change the relationship we have with the body, training the mind and heart [...]

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Mindfulness and Our Stories

Mindfulness and Our Stories We all have stories about ourselves. We are this person or that person, shaped by something we experienced in our lives, or prone to make certain mistakes. In many ways, these stories serve us. They keep us safe, give us a healthy sense of identity, and may help us see our [...]

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Start Meditating with these Four Easy Tips

One of the best things about practicing meditation is that you can experience many of its benefits in the first minute you start. It's not something that you have to practice for weeks and weeks to notice any changes. However, if you can keep it up on a regular basis, scientific research has found that [...]

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