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Spiritual Bypass – Tuning into Aversion

Today's episode of Dharma Talk covers the topic of spiritual bypass. Spiritual bypass is a term coined in the early 80's by John Welwood. John is a Buddhist teacher and licensed psychotherapist, and described spiritual bypass as a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, [...]

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Listening Meditation

This week's meditation is on mindfulness of hearing. This is a sense-door on which we don't often focus specifically. However, we can use the sense-door of hearing to tune into the impermanent nature of experience, as well as the way the mind responds to and interacts with the stimulus that arises. Read more about listening [...]

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The Role of Self-Compassion When Struggling With a Mental Health Disorder

By now, many people are becoming aware of the increasing importance of dealing with mental health disorders. If you don’t deal with mental health issues, they tend to grow and grow, until they spiral out of control and cause increasingly serious problems in your life. This is well-known. What’s not always well-known is the importance [...]

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Renunciation – A Greater Happiness

This week on Dharma Talk, the topic is renunciation. As verse 290 of the Dhammapada says: It is wisdom that enables letting go of a lesser happiness in pursuit of a happiness which is greater. We'll talk a bit about how clinging and attachment can cause suffering before moving into the benefits of renunciation in [...]

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Guided Meditation – Mental Responses and Reactions

Today's meditation is a bit of a different practice. We will be observing our experience in an open awareness practice as we often do. However, we are adding in a piece that is often left out: recognizing mental responses. We will observe this through the lens of leaning. That is, are we leaning toward or [...]

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Mindfulness and Thinking

This episode of Dharma Talk covers a few different questions related to the thinking mind. Can we meditate with an active mind? What do we do with "negative" thoughts? Thinking is a huge part of our experience, and we can bring mindfulness to the experience in order to dramatically change our relationships to the thoughts. [...]

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Listening Meditation – Mindfulness of Hearing

We have somebody in our online meditation group who has requested mindfulness of hearing practices before. She finds it to be an effective way to be present, practice mindfulness, and collect the attention. Although everyone does not have the same experience as she, I happen to agree. Listening meditation can be a powerful way to [...]

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Body Scan Meditation

Today's meditation is a guided body scan practice. We move through the body, observing each part with mindfulness. This is a practice in the First Foundation of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of the Body. To start, we'll cultivate the intention of metta, or loving-kindness, toward the body. This helps us set the foundation of gentleness as we [...]

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Internal and External Resources

Today on Dharma Talk, we're discussing resources that we can build. We'll cover some of the traditional resources we build in dharma, as well as some that may be outside of the scope of traditional dharma teachings. Visit to subscribe via email, iTunes, YouTube, and more. You can also now listen on your Spotify [...]

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Simple Yoga and Mindfulness Practices For The Office

Going to work shouldn’t prevent you from developing your spiritual awareness. In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to forget about meditation and yogic practices and focus on increasing your productivity instead. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many small things you can do throughout the day to boost your mood [...]

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