Mindfulness Exercises

Simple and Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Adults, Teens, and Children

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Mindfulness Exercises – Games and Activities for Groups, Classrooms, and More Mindfulness is no longer a practice strictly for new-age groups and your strange spiritual friend. It’s becoming much more mainstream, with its growth fueled largely by backing from the scientific community. Studies have found that mindfulness practice increases subjective well-being, reduces reactivity, and improves behavioral regulation. Mindfulness has also …

My Problem with Refuge Recovery

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In case you’re not familiar, Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist path to recovery started by Noah Levine and the wonderful folks in the Against the Stream & Dharma Punx community. There are many people that have played a part in getting this program up and off the ground, and I’m super grateful for all the work they’ve done. Refuge Recovery …

Is Buddhism a Religion?

Is Buddhism a Religion? – On God, Faith, and Awakening

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One of the things that drew me to Buddhist meditation was my perception that Buddhism was approachable and pragmatic. I wasn’t raised religious at all, and had some hesitation toward my image of what religion was. This wasn’t because of any bad personal experience with any religion, but I liked that the Buddhist meetings I went to offered me practices …

What is metta meditation?

What is Metta? – Metta Practice, Meditations, and Explanation

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What is Metta Meditation? You may have heard the term metta or metta bhavana before in a meditation group, on social media, or in a dharma talk. It’s an important and foundational practice in Buddhist meditation traditions, and something about which we receive a lot of questions. As the first of the four brahma-viharas, or heart practices, it’s a practice …

Guided Meditation Scripts

Guided Meditation Scripts – Mindfulness, Compassion, and More

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We have been asked repeatedly to provide some guided meditation scripts, and finally got around to doing it! We offer these freely for your use, so feel free to download and print. If you have any questions about reading them or using them, you can always reach out via email to Matthew@OneMindDharma.com. We are here to support your practice in …

10 Tips to Better Self-Care

10 Steps to Better Self-Care

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Humans can be strange and funny creatures—many of us are very good at caring for others, from our friends and families to the strangers we compliment and help to the various furry critters we dote on. However, we’re not very good at caring for ourselves. Particularly in a society where sarcasm, modesty and self-deprecation is revered, it’s very easy to …

Meditation for Focus

5 Practices for Building Concentration in Meditation

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5 Practices for Building Concentration in Meditation Why Concentration? We try to write posts with the intention of offering something useful to our readers. One topic about which we receive a lot of questions is focus in and out of our practice. Many people come to meditation for focus, hoping to find a way to center the mind, increase productivity, …

Guided Meditation Pain

5 Approaches to Dealing with Pain in Meditation

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Whether you’re a new meditator or have sat many long retreats, you’ve likely experienced some physical pain during meditation practice. Maybe it’s your knees, somewhere in the back, or a chronic condition elsewhere in the body. In our meditation groups with Insight Sonoma, we have quite a few people actually arrive at meditation practice with the hopes of learning to …

About Meditation

Meditation and Your Soul: How Meditation Can Help Bring You Closer To Understanding Yourself and Loving Yourself More

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In a world where we never seem to have a moment to stop, relax and really focus on ourselves, life can become overwhelming at times. Having bad days and weeks has become commonplace, while carrying around feelings of self-doubt can start to become debilitating and hold you back in life. So, how can you stop these feelings from creeping in? …