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Self-Forgiveness Meditation

This is a guided meditation on self forgiveness. Although not a traditional Buddhist heart practice, forgiveness is an important quality to cultivate. With forgiveness, we can free up space in our hearts for more responsiveness and less reactivity. We can live without self-resentment, and see more clearly. For more thoughts and support with your forgiveness [...]

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The Process of Forgiveness

Today's topic is the practice and process of forgiveness. Matthew talks about self-forgiveness, forgiveness for others, and what it means to forgive. You can read our post at for some forgiveness exercises. Visit to subscribe, support, and learn more about the podcast!

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Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect

Today I am talking a little bit about karma. This is an often misunderstood topic as far as dharma goes. I'll cover a bit about traditional teachings, and then go on to investigate how we can use our understanding of this teaching to cultivate some freedom in our lives. View the video at Visit [...]

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Mindfulness of Emotions Guided Meditation

Today's meditation is a practice in mindfulness of emotions. We will begin with a few minutes of breath meditation before moving into a more open awareness. Observing the mind and body, we will watch emotions arise and pass. This is a practice to help us see our emotions with more clarity and insight. In this [...]

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How to Practice Buddhism – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Practice Buddhism - The Beginner's Guide One of the most common questions we receive via email is some form of the question How do I start practicing Buddhism? It can be a tough question to answer, as the Buddhist path has many entry points. With the volume of teachings, we may find ourselves [...]

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Mindfulness of Body Guided Meditation

This episode of our Weekly Guided Meditation podcast is a practice in mindfulness of the body. Rooted in the First Foundation of Mindfulness, this is a practice that helps us build awareness, understanding, and clarity of the body as we see it in the present moment. The period of meditation begins with a few minutes [...]

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Our Relationships to Money

Today we are talking a little bit about money. This is a rich topic, and we're just brushing the surface. We will investigate a few things the Buddha said about money and wealth, as well as what it means to really look at our relationship to money with some mindfulness. Visit to subscribe to [...]

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Awareness – Just One Aspect of Mindfulness

We wrote recently about the differences between mindfulness and meditation, as they're often used interchangeably. Another combination of words we hear often are awareness and mindfulness. Although they may seem similar, we actually can understand these two words as different aspects of the path. What is Awareness? First, let's consider what awareness actually is. It's [...]

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Investigating Equanimity

Here we are! The first real episode of Dharma Talk :) Today, the topic is equanimity. I cover a few foundational pieces about equanimity, how we cultivate this quality, and few of the subtleties.  You can visit to learn more about the podcast and how to stay updated, and don't forget to reach out [...]

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