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The One Mind Dharma app is free to download, and we promise to never change that! We’re working on some of the bugs, especially with Android devices. We also are working on the online courses, and the ability to join as a member right in the app. As you may know, developing a mobile app costs quite a bit of money! We have built the entire application ourselves, and we are not experienced app-builders. You can read more about us on our About Us page, but we’re just two young people trying to make meditation accessible.

We’re humbly asking for your support in making our app better with less bugs, faster loading, the ability to join more easily, and continue keeping everything updated. You can make a donation below via PayPal or join One Mind Dharma to become a monthly supporter and receive our Daily Guided Meditation Emails. You can also support us by sharing this page and our app with the buttons below. We appreciate your support in growing!


One Mind Dharma App

One Mind Dharma now has an app for both Android and iPhone! Listen to our guided meditations, shop our store, listen to our podcasts, read our blog, and more! Get notifications when new podcast episodes and meditations come out, learn about sales and get first notice on upcoming online courses. Download it by clicking the appropriate button below!