5 minute meditation

5 Minute Meditation Practices

One Mind Dharma’s collection of 5 minute meditation practices are the perfect way to learn to meditate. Whether you are new to meditation or want something to meditate on-the-go, our collection of 5 minute guided meditation practices will help you in your meditation practice. Find a place to sit, a time to meditate, and give these meditations a shot. Each track contains a five minute meditation on a specific practice or topic such as mindfulness, breathing, compassion, or gratitude.

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We’re excited to offer several different ways to listen to our 5 minute meditation album. We have the album available for download in our store, available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music, and available to stream on Spotify! The collection is also free to members, so you may JOIN ONE MIND DHARMA. We also have a video below with a five minute meditation on concentration. We appreciate your support. If you want to listen but just don’t have the funds, you can always email us at [email protected] and we will take care of you! We don’t want money to be the thing that comes between you and your practice!

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five minute meditations
To download the guided meditation album in our store, click the image above!

You can download the meditations or stream them using the following services. Just click the appropriate button to listen!

5 Minute Meditation Practices

Download in Our Store

five minute meditations
To download our 5 minute guided meditation practice album in our store, click the image above!

Enter your email address below to receive a free 5 minute guided mindfulness meditation!

You can download the meditations or stream them using the following services. Just click the appropriate button to listen!

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Meditation Instructions

There are a few meditation practice that lend themselves well to a relatively short period of practice. Studies suggest that short-term meditation helps, so if this is what you can do, do it!

Body Scan

A body scan is a relatively simple practice, and one which many people are familiar. It involves moving through the body and simply observing what is present in each part of the body. Here are some instructions for practicing a body scan:

  1. You may sit, stand, or rest flat for this meditation practice. Find a posture that feels healthy and comfortable for you.
  2. Start by just noticing the points of contact, where your body is touching the ground, chair, or bed. Try to tune into how it physically feels here, and leave be the thoughts about how it feels.
  3. Begin the body scan at the top of the head, taking a few moments to tune into any physical sensations that are present. You don’t need to label things as good or bad, right or wrong, or any other judgement. Just tune into the direct physical experience in the body.
  4. Slowly move down the body, including each individual space such as the forehead, eyes, nose, jaw, lips, neck, etc.
  5. As you complete by reaching your feet, take a moment to feel the whole body together. Maybe you can sense the outline of the body, the movement as the body breathes, or just the sense of wholeness. Maybe one spot or sensation is grabbing your attention!

Visit our page on body scans to learn more and find guided meditations.

Open Mindfulness Practice

An open awareness practice can really be done anywhere, anytime. You can do it in five minutes, or you can do it for just a minute. Open awareness, or mindfulness, is the practice of simply noticing what is arising in your experience. Here are some instructions for a quick mindfulness practice:

  1. Start by finding a comfortable meditation posture. Sitting is recommended, as it can help us find a balance between relaxation and energy/alertness.
  2. Bring your attention to a point in the body where you can feel the body breathing. It may be the center of the chest, the abdomen, or the tip of the nose. Try to be with one breath from the beginning of the inhale all the way through the end of the exhale. Sit with the breath for a few moments to arrive in the present.
  3. Begin opening up to other experiences arising in the body. What else can you feel in the physical realm? Perhaps you notice the points of contact where the body is touching the chair or cushion, the feeling of the clothes on the body, the temperature of the air on your skin, or spots of pain or tension. There’s no right or wrong. This is a practice in observing.
  4. After a minute or so, open up to the experience of hearing and sounds. Whether there are noises in the room, in your own body, or outside, just tune into them. Notice when you find yourself hearing, and tune into the experience for a few moments. Allow yourself to be in a mode of receiving, just noticing anything you are feeling in the body or hearing.
  5. Finally, open up to the state of mind and thoughts. Notice when thoughts arise and tune into them. Perhaps you can notice if you’re planning, regretting, fantasizing, or whatever the mind is doing. Remain open to experiences in the realms of the body, hearing, and the mind, simply observing your experience. Notice when judgement, liking or disliking, boredom, or anxiety arise in response to your experience.

Metta Meditation

Metta meditation is one of the heart practices in Buddhism, and is the practice of opening the heart and wishing well for ourselves and other beings. We can practice metta any time and in any place, and cultivate a heart inclined toward kindness and gentleness. Here’s how you can practice metta in a five minute sitting period:

  1. Start by finding a comfortable position in which to practice. I recommend finding a posture which is gentle and kind to yourself, especially when working with the heart practice. Make some special effort to ask yourself what feels kind to the body.
  2. Start the metta practice with a good friend in your life. It could be a friend, a significant other, a family member, or a pet. Reflect for a moment that this being wants to be happy, just like you. All beings have this desire deep down to be content, although it may look different for many of us. Just tune into this reality in your friend.
  3. As you recognize this person’s wish to be happy, you can tune into your own wish for this person to experience contentment. You can offer them a few phrases of metta silently in your head. Phrases I like to use are:
    • May you be happy.
    • May you be healthy.
    • May you be safe.
    • May you be at ease.

    Allow yourself to tune into each phrase and its meaning, finding a rhythm and saying them slowly enough that you can connect with the intention behind each phrase.

  4. After a minute or so, switch to yourself. Tune into your own desire to be happy, to be treated with kindness, and to respond to yourself with gentleness. Although many of us beat ourselves up, we do have the intention deep down to respond with more friendliness toward ourselves. Again, offer some phrases of metta. You can offer the same phrases toward yourself.

For more meditation instructions, you can visit our page with downloadable guided meditation scripts HERE.