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Nuanced Emotions

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I’m emotionally conflicted. This happens a lot. It’s pretty normal I think. I woke up this morning missing my life in Telluride something fierce. My girlfriends in particular. Just feeling so far away from them. And so, so sad. I also woke up this morning feeling grateful to be here. Grateful that I got to be of service yesterday. Excited …


Road Reflections

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Five months and four days ago I stayed in a Motel 6 in Flagstaff, AZ on my way from California to Colorado. And now I am here again, in the same motel; headed back to California. I find road trips lend themselves to time for reflection. And staying in the same spot really allows me to look back on where …


Finding our Way with the Third Precept: Working with Sexuality

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In Buddhism, we as lay followers (non-monastics), are urged to follow five precepts to help us live a skillful and ethical life. They include the practices of not harming, not stealing, being skillful with our speech and not abusing intoxicants. The third precept is: Refrain from sexual misconduct. This is an important intention to set, but there is little additional …


The Poisons of My Phone

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Recently I’ve had moments where I’ve been without a phone for one reason or another. The power in my town went out. The battery froze during a cold day on the mountain. I dropped it in the toilet. In all these moments there’s a hint of panic, “What will I do?” “How will I stay in touch?” How will I …


Seeing Delusion: How Not to Be Crickets

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“[Crickets]…when their faces become covered with dirt, become disoriented and muddled and bite each other until they die. We humans, when our faces become covered with dirt, when we are subject to all sorts of delusions and desires, become so bewildered and disoriented that we act contrary to how we would if we could see under ordinary circumstances…” -Achaan Buddhadasa …


Avoiding The Intention Setting Trap: Three Tools to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

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One Mind Dharma once again welcomes a post from Kate Spina. If you enjoy Kate’s posts (like we do), you can find the link to her posts at the bottom of this page! As we begin a new year there is often a lot of talk about setting intentions, resolutions, or goals for the coming year. It’s a cultural norm, …


What is Underneath?

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It started with a tweaked knee. My winter livelihood depends on my ability to ski, so it makes sense that I would be anxious about my knee. My stomach got even more tense than normal, I was super restless during meditation, and my brain was full of worries and what ifs. The fear and anxiety took over. “How are you?” …


Finding the Buddha in a Breakup

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One Mind Dharma is SUPER excited to offer this post from the wonderful Kate Spina. It is with joy and gratitude that we offer you this deeply honest piece. I got dumped. It has taken me seven weeks to be able to write that sentence. I’ve said it in other terms, made these long convoluted sentences about what happened, but the …