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Shambhala Publications Inc.

Dharma Talk

Dharma Talk is a weekly podcast about all things Buddhist. Rather than a formal dharma talk, this podcast is a casual conversation between Matthew and Elizabeth about the Buddhist teachings, meditation practice, and pragmatic tips. Listen to Dharma Talk…

Buddhist Guided Meditations

Our Buddhist Guided Meditations podcast is a weekly show with new guided meditations every Monday. We aim to provide guided meditations covering as many Buddhist practices as we can, and this podcast may be helpful for beginners and those familiar with Buddhist meditation alike. Listen to Buddhist Guided Meditations…

Dharma Videos

One Mind Dharma’s only video podcast, Dharma Videos is a collection of short animations and videos related to Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness and more. Watch Dharma Videos…

Recorded Talks

One Mind Dharma’s Recorded Talks are traditional dharma talks about Buddhism and meditation. These talks are recorded at our online groups and in-person groups and provided here in podcast form. Listen to Recorded Talks…

Mindful & Clean

One Mind Dharma’s Mindful & Clean podcast is a series about how meditation and mindfulness may help us in recovery from addiction. We have discussions, speakers, formal talks, and guided meditations. Listen to Mindful & Clean.

Meditation Questions

Meditation Questions is our newest podcast in which we answer questions from our users about Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, compassion and more! We answer questions from our users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Visit to subscribe or ask a question!