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Why Essential Oils?

Let me first start off by saying how skeptical I was with what essential oils could do for me. My dad introduced me to dōTERRA essential oils about five years ago because I was having severe jaw, neck and shoulder tension that limited my yoga practice and work ability. I kindly declined and in turn, sought out various types of treatment, spending thousands of dollars to figure out the cause of my tension.

After one year of no success, I humbly approached my dad for help and we ordered dōTERRA PastTense. I had no idea what to do with the oil and it came in a roll-on application, so I applied it to my jaw, neck and shoulders throughout the day. What happened for me is that I felt relief from my tension for the first time in 2 years! What I also discovered was the power of my thoughts. These are the negative, self-pitying thoughts I was telling myself: “My jaw hurts so bad,” “I am going to be like this forever,” and “I can’t do anything because of this tension that won’t go away.” The power of the oils in this blend not only provided relief topically on my jaw, shoulders and neck, but when I inhaled the aromatic compounds from the oils, my mind began to calm down. I became aware that my fears, stress and anxious feelings were manifesting in my body and that essential oils were that powerful to have this effect on not only my body, but also my mental and emotional state.

So, why essential oils? They are natural aromatic compounds found in various parts of plants that are vital for nurturing and protecting the plant. Unlike chemicals, essential oils do not cause harmful side effects and provide a natural way to influence mood, cleanse toxins from the body, regulate cellular activity and increase energy. essential oils are 50-70% stronger that the herb itself!

Essential Oil Uses

Pure, unadulterated essential oils consist of 100’s of natural chemical compounds to provide numerous benefits to the body, mind and emotional state. Essential oils can be used as a single oil, such as Eucalyptus or in an already made blend for a specific purpose, such as a grounding blend. The essential oils can be layered on top of each other when used topically and mixed together when diffusing.

doterra balanceEssential Oils for Meditation

These are some of our favorite essential oils for meditation practice. We diffuse essential oils before and during our meditation (and all day), and find them to be a great addition to our sitting practice.

Frankincense: Known as the king of all oils for it’s extensive health benefits, Frankincense helps open spiritual channels for a stronger connection with intuition, clarity, and wisdom. Diffuse Frankincense during your daily meditation practice to help calm the nervous system and inspire feelings of peace and satisfaction. Apply Frankincense to your temples, occipital points and pulse points on the front of the neck to create balance in the mind and support memory.

Cedarwood: With it’s warm, woody aroma, Cedarwood can help soothe the mind and evoke wellness when diffused. Combine with Bergamot to help reduce feelings of stress and enjoy a harmonious aroma.

Spikenard: Frequently used in mediation for it’s grounding properties, Spikenard can promote feelings of calmness and relaxation when diffused or applied to the temples or back of the neck.

Sandalwood (Indian or Hawaiian): Steam distilled from aromatic wood, Sandalwood was traditionally used as incense in religious ceremonies and to strengthen meditation. Diffuse before mediation for it’s grounding and uplifting properties.

Myrrh: Dating back to ancient records, the highly precious Myrrh was used for everything from medicine to religious ceremonies. When diffused, it can increase spiritual awareness, energetic mood and emotional balance. It blends best with Frankincense.

dōTERRA Balance: dōTERRA Balance promotes tranquility and helps balance emotions. It contains Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. With the dōTERRA Balance, you can diffuse, inhale deeply through the nose or put it on the bottom of the big toe to promote a whole-body sense of calmness.

Essential Oils for Anxious Feelings

Essential Oil UsesLavender: The queen of all oils! Lavender can help soothe the nervous system and ease tense feelings. Diffuse in the evening or during anxious mood or apply to pulse points on the front of the neck or on wrists.

PastTense: dōTERRA PastTense helps soothe the mind and body by calming emotions and reducing anxious feelings. It comes in a roll-on application to conveniently apply to the temples, neck, shoulders and back. This blend is also known for it’s powerful ability to assist in reducing tension in the head.

Citrus Bliss: Citrus oils have compounds that are known for their powerful ability to reduce anxious feelings and uplift mood. This Invigorating Blend contains various citrus oils that have refreshing and energizing qualities. Diffuse regularly during the day and apply to pulse points on front of the neck and on wrists.

Lemon: One of the top selling oils for its variety of uses, Lemon diffused is very uplifting and energizing. When taken internally, Lemon cleanses the gut and aids in digestion, which in turn can have a positive effect on mood.

Peace: dōTERRA Peace is a wonderful reminder to slow down and take a deep breath. It can help neutralize fearful and anxious feelings and encourage contentment and peace.

Melissa: Also known as lemon balm, Melissa has such a powerful effect on mood. It can help ease tension and nerves, promote restful sleep and provide overall emotional wellbeing. Diffuse, or apply to occipital points, pulse points on front of the neck or brain points on bottoms of the feet.

Essential Oils for Sleep

Serenity: dōTERRA Serenity was designed to create a calming and tranquil sleeping environment when diffused or directly inhaled through the nose. The specifically chosen oils for this blend help reduce tense and anxious feelings, calm the mind and provide a renewing fragrance. Diffuse 30 minutes before bedtime and throughout the night.

Vetiver: A member of the grass family, Vetiver has a unique woodsy aroma that has a powerful effect on emotions. Vetiver promotes feelings of calm and can be applied to the brain points on the feet for a restful sleep.

Clary Sage: Known as one of the most relaxing and calming essential oils, Clary Sage can be inhaled directly through the nose or diffused throughout the night. Apply a few drops to pillowcases or in bathwater to promote a restful night sleep.

IMG_5873Essential Oils for Seasonal Threats

Breathe: A wonderful blend of Laurel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melalueca, Lemon, Ravensara and Cardamom to help reduce the effects of seasonal threats and clear the airways, dōTERRA Breathe is a must-have. Diffuse regularly when seasonal threats are high to maintain easy breathing and calm the senses. Apply to the chest or inhale directly from the palms.

DigestZen Blend: Although dōTERRA DigestZen was designed to aid in digestion and help relieve uncomfortable bloating and gas, when applied along the sides of the nose, it can immediately clean out sinuses.

Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint: One drop of each in an empty veggie capsule or in a glass of water can promote a health respiratory system by clearing the airways and protecting against environmental elements.

Melaleuca: Also known as Tea Tree Oil, Melalueca is recognized for its purifying properties, as well as protection against environment and seasonal threats. Diffuse Melalueca to cleanse the air and help support lung and respiratory function.

Cardamom: A delicious minty spice used in Southeast Asia cooking, Cardamom also support clear breathing and overall respiratory health. Diffuse to support the lungs and promote mental clarity.

Essential Oils Quality

So does every essential oil company provide the same quality of essential oils? The answer is no! There is actually no regulation on labeling essential oils as a “pure essential oil,” so it is important to do your research. One of the things that sets companies apart from other essential oil companies is the quality of their oils, specifically the purity and potency. There are certain companies that only provide 100% pure, non adulterated essential oils that have been studied for their chemical compounds that so that they can have an effect on our body.

How to use essential oilsHow to Use Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically and internally. Depending on what you are targeting, one application can be more beneficial that then other, but if you use the oils safely, you can’t do it wrong!


There are three reasons to use essential oils aromatically. The first is to cleanse and purify the air, as well as enjoy a natural air freshener. This is simply done through a diffuser, which creates an ultra-fine mist that can fill an entire room! The second reason is to support the respiratory system. Peppermint for example is amazing for the lungs when inhaled through the nose and the mouth. Lastly, and my favorite reason to use the oils aromatically, is to influence emotions. When we inhale essential oils, the compounds travel through the neural olfactory pathway and right to the brain. This is why we do not want to be inhaling chemicals! Targeting emotions is done by directly inhaling the oil from the bottle or your hands, as well as diffusing oils that can help uplift mood, ease anxious feelings, promote relaxation and evoke feelings of balance.


Topical application may be thought of as the most common way to use essential oils, especially through massage and beauty products. To target a specific area on the body, such as an ankle, knee, shoulder, etc. apply the essential oil directly to the skin. For babies, children or those with sensitive skin, use a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute. The bottom of the feet have reflex points, so application is safe for everyone and the oils are easily absorbed by the skin.


Many essential oils are safe to take internally, but be sure to read all labels. When taken internally, essential oils can provide dietary support for a multitude of health conditions, as well healthy cellular function and antioxidant support. The oils can be taken in a veggie capsule, in a glass of water or under the tongue.


Many essential oils are not sold in stores because it is difficult to understand the full potential of the oils and how to use them. Connect with a wellness advocate by filling in the form below. We always do our best to get back to you within 24 hours!

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