Dana and Caga: Generosity

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If you’ve ever attended a Buddhist meditation group, you’ve probably heard the “dana talk,” the request for donations to support the group. When we think of dana, or generosity, in Buddhism, this is often what comes to mind. However, the word dana refers to much more than just giving money to support a meditation group. The principle of generosity goes …

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The Importance of Sangha

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  Sangha is one of the Three Jewels in Buddhism, which are three things which we turn to for refuge. Sometimes referred to as the Three Refuges, these different aspects of practice are equally important. We can think of the jewels as true refuges: places where we go for safety. Sangha is just one of these refuges, with the other two …


Finding Refuge

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One Mind Dharma is excited to be hosting this wonderful new guest post from our friend, Jeff. Visit Jeff at www.pavlostog.com. Being a natural born shit disturber I’m attracted to a bit of controversy and then I like to see if I can depower opposition by adding a potentially neutral element or perhaps a point of view yet unseen by …


Insights: Small and Large

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In meditation, we sometimes have big “aha!” moments, which are commonly referred to as insights. For me, they’re often a realization of something I have read about or have intellectually understood previously. Knowing something experientially is very different than understanding it intellectually. Here’s an example of an insight in my own practice: I was on an insight retreat practicing walking …


Walking Meditation

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Many people slight walking meditation, and don’t consider it a true formal meditation practice. However, walking meditation is a very useful practice, and was recommended by the Buddha himself. What is Walking Meditation? This is the first question that we are asked frequently. Walking meditation is just like sitting meditation. We choose a practice and focus our attention. Rather than sitting …


Resistance to Forgiveness

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Every so often we post something on social media about forgiveness. They are quotes such as: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Ghandi “Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life.” -George MacDonald “To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and …


What Does it Mean to Let Go?

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It’s a common piece of advice we hear from others or tell ourselves: “Let it go.” Whether it is a resentment, regret, person, possession, or experience, we find ourselves holding on to things long gone. We often know that letting go of something may be in our best interest, but we don’t exactly know how to actually do it. We push …


Eight Ways to Cultivate Metta

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Inspired by Elizabeth’s recent post, Eight Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Daily Life, I thought I would share some tips about cultivating metta in daily life. Metta is an important practice that has changed my relationships with others and myself, and it isn’t only cultivated in sitting meditation. We can cultivate metta with these simple methods of opening the heart. …


A Kinder Mind

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At the end of the four-hour exam I blinked at the computer screen. I was hungry, thirsty, and exhausted. The screen asked me if I wanted to continue to see my score. After six weeks of preparing for the GRE with tutoring, practice tests, and so many flash cards, yes of course I wanted to see my score. I closed …