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I rarely write about intimate relationships here. I do lead groups in which I speak about relational mindfulness and lead engaged practices, but I shy away from writing specifically about relationships with our significant other. I don’t consider myself a relationship expert, and don’t want to write cheesy self-help pieces. However, three weeks ago today I got married. I certainly …


Drug Overdoses in Unfamiliar Places

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Drug overdose is an unfortunate reality when dealing with people who are struggling with addiction. Most people in recovery probably know someone close to them who has overdosed and died. Many people have also ended up in the hospital from an overdose of their own and been lucky enough to live through it. I have a good friend who I …


Kindness Towards my Body

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I woke up reaching for a bottle of club soda next to the bed. My lips were dry and swollen as I ran my tongue across them. With each movement my stomach and head seemed to ache more. The stale taste of alcohol lingered in my mouth. Clothes, shoes, and make-up littered my bedroom floor. Why did you do this …


Experiencing the Impermanence of Vedana

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Full disclosure… I am writing this first paragraph as the post is already completed below. I sat down to write about what is going on with me, specifically addressing the multitude of emotions in the past few weeks. As I began writing, two somewhat different “events” came through. My intention is to share authentically, so I left it how it …


Seeing Suffering and Having Compassion

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This post comes to us courtesy of ParentTeam, a wonderful organization that helps people find effective drug and alcohol treatment for themselves and loved ones. One Mind Dharma is proud to work closely with ParentTeam, as they are truly some of the most compassionate people we know. There have been many times that I become annoyed with someone for how …


Seven Misconceptions about Meditation

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As we keep our eyes and ears open, we notice that there are quite a few misconceptions about what meditation is. In my own experience, I have found myself clinging to certain ideas about what meditation “should” be, or what it “should” look like. I get stuck in trying to make my meditation practice look a certain way, without tuning …


10 Ways to Practice Self-Care

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The three most foundational aspects of self care are water, sleep, and food. Self-care often begins with getting these three elements in a balance that works for you. Sometimes we have these elements working but notice we are suffering. I know that there have been many times that I’m drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and eating right but I still …

Meditation and Veterans

Veterans and Meditation

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I have seen the benefits of meditation manifest in my own life, especially in regard to my recovery from addiction. As I was reflecting on how much it has helped me, I was wondering how wide reaching the benefits are. Specifically, are they available for people with other psychological difficulties? The short answer seems to be yes. In fact, a …


Ten Meditation Tips for Beginners

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One of the questions we are most consistently asked is if we have any meditation tips, either for beginners or in general. We are also asked a few questions quite a bit which are covered below in the meditation tips. Personally, I have found that when beginning to investigate a meditation practice, it can be overwhelming or confusing. There are …